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  1. turns out it is the fuel pump I had to take it to the dealer, the said it should be fixed in a couple of days and that the fuel pumps usually do not go on these cars. but with 106000 thousand miles i guess you have to expect this to happen once in a while.http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=355136#
  2. I started to think it was a fuel delivery problem, and though better of dropping doing anything involving lots of fuel on a asphalt driveway.So I finally had to give in and take it to the dealer, turns out it is the fuel pump. they ordered one and will instal it soon. let you know how it all works out when I get it back. thank for all the help.
  3. no joy with the coolant temp sensor. i sprayed either into he air chamber it started then ran rough very rough if I held the petal all the way to the floor it would start but would run very rough I replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs just cause so now I have a car that is tuned up but does not run.
  4. I replaces the coolant temp sensor but it still does not start, I got some ether and sprayed it in the air chamber it started right up but then would stumble and run really rough. if held the petal all the way down it would run but very rough. could it be the fuel pump?? I also replace the fuel filter and spark plugs.
  5. thanks for all your help, I am going to give the sensor a try. I will let you know how I make out. thanks for all your help this forum is great.
  6. It cranks over very strong, is that not a good indicator of a good battery or can it crank good and still be bad? I do not have acess to a load tester. some one suggested that the coolant temp sensor was the culprit due to it happening only when it is below 50 degrees. again thanks for your time.
  7. thanks. here is some more infor,the air filter is a k&n filter charger which I just cleaned. the plugs are platinum rated for 100,000 k with only 50,000 k on them. the fule filter and pvc valve were just changed. I filled up at a place out of need were the fule might be suspect but as it starts when warm out i think it is ok so that leaves me with the wires or coolant temp sensor. I think the battery is relativly new also, by the way thanks a bunch you are a great help in helping me crack this nut.
  8. Thanks when I replace it will it imediatialy make a diffrence or will the computer have to learn the new sensor.
  9. it only seem to not want to start when it is cold out. that is why I shy away form it being the wires I know I need to replace them, buT I have a feeling it will not help.
  10. I posted earlier about my car not starting in the morning could it be a coolant temp sensor. it seem to not start when it is chilly out around 50 degrees but it will start when the temp is above 70 deg. it cranks fine but will not start and when I get it to start when it is above 70 I smell gas initially like it was flooded. I located a sensor at Autozone and am wondering if it is worth a try. I have a 1997 outback sport 2.2L. Before this cropped up it had a high idle, but clearing the computer seemed to solve that problem could they be related. ANY HELP IS GREATLY appreciated…
  11. could the temp effect the spark plug wires and the potential for them the leak voltage. also thank you guy for all the help. I see alot about temp sensors could that be part of the problem?
  12. The battery posts are clean and tight the motor cranks very strong, just no ignition I don’t thinks it’s the timing belt because when it started after the temp got above 70 it ran just fine, I mean a little rough at first but it smoothed out and ran fine quickly after the initial roughness, I figured It was a result of flooding the engine earlier in the day.
  13. I have about 103000 miles on the car, I know I should have changed the wires but I have not. though I ran my hand along them with the engin on and did't get a shock, I also hit the wires with some wire dryer. do you think the no start is related to the idle problem I was having earlyer.
  14. I have been having strange problems with my 1997 Impreza outback sport. it started with the idle being high (1300 rpm) some times, so I took it to the dealer the car did not have a problem code so they told me they would clear the computer and have it relearn it’s settings, this seemed to fix the high idle problem. Weeks passed, I drove my car home from work no problems, the next morning after a massive rain and all of a sudden my car would not start it was 3 in the morning and about 50 degrees out , so I figured something got wet, went to work (with my wife's car) came home it was about 70 degrees out and hoped in the Impreza it started right up. Today it is dry but about 50 degrees at 3am in the morning it will not start it just cranks and cranks not a sign of ignition. Please Help?
  15. thanks i will give it a try. where should i look for the IAC valve so i can spray carb cleaner in it.