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  1. Hello, First post, I am brand new to the list - please be easy on me! :-) Short story: how do I get the airbag codes in a '92 Legacy? Long story: I am trying to fix up to sell a '92 Legacy wagon that rear-ended another vehicle. The damage was not too bad, but the airbag deployed. I got an airbag from another '92, but the airbag light is still lit. Since then I found out that the early and late '92 airbags have different part numbers. There is a late '92 Legacy in the junkyard with the right date of manufacture and right color airbag. However, before spending another $60-70 on another airbag, I really would like to see that the error code is in fact for the bag, and it's not that something has to be reset after a deployment, or maybe the sensor needs to be changed as well. Thanks, Balu
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