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  1. I am going thru thoughts of selling my 02 Legacy GT. I've always wanted a GT and 3 years ago, I got one with 64K on it. Well, now 3 years later, it has 150K and still running great, but I'm thinking of getting something with better gas mileage. The only models I ever thought of getting was either a Legacy or Outback, but I've been told that the new 13 Impreza is as spacious on the interior as my 02 Legacy. To me, that would be great as the gas mileage would blow my GT out of the water. I'm not sure how much power the 2.0 engine has but my old 95 and 97 Legacy's had the 2.2, and they were okay with better milage than my GT. So is the interior room of the new Impreza's really comparable to my GT? I haven't had the chance to get to the dealer to check out any new cars yet, but for the price, that may be the way to go.
  2. I'm looking to get an Outback, probably between 2006 to 2009. Are there any known problems to these model years that I should look out for? When I got my 2002 GT, they had issues with the head gasket, but mine was taken care of before I bought it. I need a wagon now so I just wanted to make sure there were no surprises with the above liste model years as I haven't kept up since I didn't need to buy one for a while. Thanx - Pete
  3. I guess I will have it fixed and add 1/2 the cost to my asking price and see what happens.
  4. I'm thinking of selling my 02 Legacy GT to get a 07-09 Outback cause I need the trunk space. My car is mechanically perfect with a recent tuneup, all belts and such. Care has 148K but will need a new front passenger axle due to a torn boot. Should this be fixed before selling or won't it matter in the long run? Will I get another $XXX because I fixed it? Thanx, Pete
  5. I'm starting to look for my next Subaru. I currently have a 02 GT sedan that I love, but I'd like to go back to a wagon? So my question is, what was the last year that Subaru either made a Legacy wagon or an Outback that didn't look like a SUV? I got my 02 3 years ago with 64k on it and I'm scouting for the newest wagon that I can find that still looks like a wagon.
  6. Lucky - no CEL, obdII read no codes (all clear) and no puddles/moisture as it was 95+ all day. I did put bottle of Techron in this morning into the tank with the remaining gas (about 12 gallons) and ran it all day today. No issues whatsoever. I even ran it down to 4 gallons remaining and refilled it at my normal Lukoil station. Lets see how everything looks next week. Fair - I checked all of my fluids this morning and the coolant was where it should be. There was not rise in temp during this episode either. Kinda strange, but lets see what happens.
  7. Today Legacy GT stalled in the Holland tunnel at the end of rush hour. After driving 35 miles towards NYC, abo3 miles before entering the tunnel, I hit traffic. The car is in stop and go traffic doing about 10mph. On I get into the tunnel, we started to move normal. Them the engine starts to rattle then stall. I turn off the ignition and start he up again and it runs rough, but I can put her in gear and go for a few feet before it stalls again. Happens a few more times and then finally decides to stop starting. A Cop pulls up behinds me and asks if I'm having any problems. I tell him that I stalled. as he stayed behind me I continued to try to start the car. After being frustratedI for 10 minut, I decided to wait 5 minutes then tried again. Miraculously the car started and I was moving again. No more problems since, including a long ride home. Never had any issues with the car but I did full up the near empty tank earlier in the day. Does it sound like the gas caused my stalling? The car gets all of her regular maintenance.
  8. So what if I get a pair of new and keep a pair of old?
  9. So I guess I'm good with just one new tire. Cool.
  10. I bought a set of Toyo tires 18 months ago and rotated them with each oil change at 5-6000 miles. I parked the car in my driveway over the weekend when I was on vacation. I got home today and found one tire flat. Upon taking it to the gas station, they found 3 nails and 2 bubbles on the inside sidewall. I then took the tire to STS, where I bought the tires and the extended warranty. They measured the tread on the bad tire as well as my remaining 3 tires to compare with a brand new same model Toyo and the tread measurement was 2/32 (1/16) off between the old and new. Is this within tolerance to replace just a single tire? I was going to replace them all over the summer when cash isn't as tight (tax season) and figured I could use this as a full size spare when I do. Or is it within spec that I should just buy a second and keep them for a while. Or should I just replace everything now. Any thoughts?
  11. The guys at the shop have done my 95, 97 and 2003 Legacy's over the last 9 years. That shouldn't be a problem.
  12. I'm having the timing belt and water pump done on my 2002 Legacy GT this week. I'm going to one of the mechanics from the shop I always use and he's going to do the work in his garage on his off day for me. I'm going to supply the belt, water pump and seals. He's also going to do my brakes (rotors and pads), which I am also supplying. He's going to charge me $200 labor for the work. Is that a good deal?