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  1. I wish it was as simple as all that. I can't remember my mechanics exact words, something about the replacing the harness? But my transmission is going, whether or not the two are related I don't know. Both seem to be pretty common problems. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Hello. I am new to this forum but have been reading many posts, especially those regarding 1999's as I am having trouble with mine. This is the 2nd 99 Legacy I have bought in the past few months. The tranny went on the first one about 2 weeks in so the dealer took it back. My current car has been having speedometer problems(as many others have). My mechanic tells me that this is not just a minor sensor problem that can be easily fixed but requires repairs to the failing transmission. $400 to fix the speedometer and don't get me started on the new transmission. My car has 96,000 miles which we all know is not nearly enough, especially for a Subaru, to need a whole new tranny. I am aware that the 99's have a different tranny from the 98's and that it was changed again in 2000 due to so many problems. I am asking everyone to call and write Subura as well as filing a complaint with the NHTSA. These transmissions are defective and Subaru knows it and is trying to get away without a recall or campaign. Please, if you too are having problems with your 99 take action now,