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  1. My 1990 Legacy blew the 4EAT. There is one available from a 1999 Forester, 2.5 L, on my local Craigs List. Will it bolt up to my 2.2 L. I know my final drive is 4.11, does anyoone know what the 1999 AT final drive ratio is? Thanks in advance.
  2. It sounds like the axle on the front left:-\ Check to see if the boot is torn on the left side. The axle is easy to replace, about an hour. After market replacement axle around $100. Some people say to replace your axles in pairs, I'm not one of them:headbang: You might check your heat shields on the exhaust system to make sure they have not come loose. Good luck, feathesjr
  3. I am looking at an 96 Legacy SW that has an ABS problem. Last Saturday I was over at the local Pick-a-part auto wrecker, and there was a 1993 with ABS that had just arrived. I know many things were redesigned between 93 and 96 models, but what about the ABS system? Anyone know for sure?? TIA:headbang:
  4. I cleared the ECU, started it up and got error code 21, coolant temp sensor. Replaced that, cleared memory and no errors since then. Total cost of $27 to fix:banana: Thanks for the help, feathersjr:headbang:
  5. Picked up another Legacy wagon LS, 91, with only 76 kmiles. That little old lady story. Anyway, the CEL is on and a local shop said the codes were for the following: Knock Sensor, Purge Soleniod, Temp Sensor-coolant. I plan to dig into it this weekend and am looking for some direction.:-\ I've got a manual for the EGI System, but most of the procedures involve the Select Monitor, which is on my list of tools to steal:brow: I think it would be unlikely that all of these things have failed at the same time. I drove the car home and it seemed to have full power, it also just passed CA smog inspection. Any feed back?? TIA feathersjr:headbang:
  6. I've given up on my NO REVERSE auto trans in my 93 SW, and have found a donor MT on a 91 LS Sedan. Both are FWD. I've collected some things like the shifter,ECU, brake pedal assembly. I ran out of daylight at the junk yard and I'm going back tomorrow for the rest. By the way, this is a Legacy 2.2 non turbo. Question: Do I need the the drive axles from the MT or can I use the ones that are from the autotrans? Thanks in advance for the response. jr
  7. OK, I've done the regularly mentioned things like SEA FOAM Trans Tune, full flush by removing the return line from the radiator, went through over a case of fluid. Old fluid did not smell burnt, noticed a small amount of fine metal fillings in the bottom of the bucket I used for discharge tube. Drives great in all forward gears, will hold each gear when shifting manually, down shifts for passing on freeway. Just does not move in reverse, it sounds like the trans is definetely in reverse when shifted from neutral, changes pitch. I've ordered a rebuild manual specifically for the Subaru 4EAT from a company in Texas that also sells an entire rebuild kit, but it has not arrived yet. Thought I'd put it out there to the group to see who else has dealt with this and possible solutions. Thanks:headbang: PS: If your interested in the rebuild, drop me a line. James