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  1. I am trying to sort out a freight deal at the moment and will keep you posted
  2. This is already being negotiated. To answer your first question hopefully the kits will be available for purchase in America soon
  3. Our kits adapt your legacy/impreza brakes to either ea81/ea82 cars. So for the front you need to supply the front brakes including caliper , rotor , hub and strut from a donor legacy/impreza and i supply a modified control arm [exchange]so you can fit this to your car , i also supply a strut top adaptor [ea81] so you can use the ea81 strut top on your legacy/ impreza strut. For the rear you supply the rear backing plate ,rotor,caliper and handbrake assembly including cables from a donor legacy /impreza and i supply the custom hubs,custom backing plate adaptor , exchange modified backing plates so you can simply bolt your legacy brakes to your ea81/2 swingarms. I also supply custom rear brake hoses and mounting brackets, plus every other nut and bolt and washer required to make it a simple bolt on job. I also supply plugs to plug the extra 2 holes in your legacy/impreza master cylinder so it is a straight bolt on. I hope this helps and if you have any further questions please ask
  4. The kits are complete and adapt front and rear Liberty or Wrx brakes to your ea81/brat/brumby or ea82/Xt /vortex subaru I hope this helps
  5. Thanks for that Subarutex. I guess i am negotiable to a certain extent because freight is a killer and i would like to sell more kits in America so if anyone can suggest a cheaper way to freight i would be happy to look at it Jeff Crossbred Performance
  6. jmd235

    Aussie longish term build.. Underway

    Car looks great,i would love to see it in the flesh. For those of you who are interested, Crossbred Performance is in fact up and running again. I purchased the business a little while ago and am in the process of restocking, I posted a thread here if anyone wants to get in contact.
  7. I am currently manufacturing 5 lug conversion kits to fit liberty/legacy or WRX brakes onto MY/Brumby[ea81] and L Series [ea82] and vortex subarus. These kits are engineer tested in Australia. In Australia the front lower control arm and rear backing plate are sold on an exchange basis but due to freight costs if anyone in America wanted to purchase a kit I would sell them the control arms and backing plates outright. The kit price is $1200 AUD plus freight [including control arm and backing plate] Please check out my website or contact me for further information. http://www.crossbredperformance.com Picture: