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  1. You’ll need to check the coolant for hydrocarbon gases. Check with your local Advance or AutoZone to see if they have such a tester and report back your results. The 98 EJ25 engine was very prone to HG leaks so it’s highly likely that the missing coolant is from that. As far as a video showing how to replace the HG there are videos but you must understand this is not a beginner type job as you are literally disassembling the top half of the engine and then putting it back together.
  2. First and foremost stop throwing parts and hoping it’ll fix a problem. Is your CEL on? If so pull the codes and report back. Have you done a tune up using quality plugs and wires? I’d start there. Acceleration issues can be so many things including the fuel pump, clogged cat converter, and many things inbetween.
  3. Is this the correct replacement bolt? Even if I can get the old one out it's likely to be in really bad shape. https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Subaru-20540AA001-Bolt-Lateral/dp/B00ESKJJVY
  4. That makes perfect sense. I think I'll remove the knuckle and bring it to a shop to do the pressing for me.
  5. 1997 Legacy Outback AT AWD and the rear wheel bearing need to be replaced. I don't own a press but I thought I might buy a replacement hub with the bearing already pressed in. I've looked but can't find such a product. Can you all recommend one or help me find an option? Thanks!!!
  6. Last time I bought a used OEM starter which worked for several months but then the click-no-crank happened so I put in the new contacts and plunger but the problem of click-no-crank persisted. I then replaced it with another used OEM starter (the current one) which was fine for a few months and then the problem of click-no-crank occurred. I thought the current starter was new from Advance but I was wrong as it's definitely used OEM. Sorry for that confusion! I'm open to replacing the contacts and plunger again since it's cheap and easy but I'm curious if you think that will help the current click-no-crank or if I should go with a Denso starter. Also, to ensure I have the crank relay set up correctly so I take a voltmeter and probe the wire going from the relay to the starter spade connector and the other probe from the relay to the battery? Or can I just probe the 30A fuse? What is a correct voltage reading (I'm assuming 12V or abouts but want to make sure). Does it matter if the key is on or does the engine have to be actively cranking?
  7. I'll thriple check the wiring. 2. I did that for the last starter-used OEM Subaru and replaced the plunger and contacts but it didn't help with the intermittent failure to start.
  8. I added an additional grounding cable to the starter. Also from the engine to chassis and another from alternator to battery. No love. Is Denso the consensus here? Crazy thing is since my buddy hit it while I turned the key it's been totally reliable.
  9. Do you see Denso as a solid quality starter? In particular it this one a reliable unit? https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/denso-first-time-fit-starter-remanufactured-f5000137504nd/10744879-P?searchTerm=starter
  10. It's the starter. It wouldn't start with the relay but a friend banged on the starter as I turned the key and that caused the starter to engage. Seems I got a crappy starter. Do you all think copper contact replacement will help or this needs a new quality starter?
  11. OK I just wired up the relay and so far it’s working. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was pretty easy to do? The relay didn’t have any diagram so I found one which was previously linked but the numbers weren’t exactly the same so I swapped around until the solenoid would engage. I made sure to use a 30A inline fuse connected to the 30 spade. The real test will come tomorrow after it’s sat overnight in the cold. That’s when I have the most difficulty in starting.
  12. Dear GD, Can you walk me through how to do the crank circuit to the starter solenoid? BTW, remember the sandblaster you got sent a bunch of years ago? I was glad to contribute to that gift.
  13. Advance. I put it in because the same issue (turn key 10-15 times, hear click, finally starts) was happening to the old starter. It worked fine a few months but now it's occurring again concurrent with the aforementioned CEL.