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  1. What up friends??? Especially my WI friends... Whatever happened to JoAnn? She dropped off the map like I did???
  2. KaraK

    Gremlin 401ish

    I am very sad to inform ya'll that the driver/owner/builder of this car (AKA...Roowho) left this earthly world on 11/11/13. He's a dear friend who will never be forgotten... (and not just for super fun Gremlin / SuperBee rides...) RIP Ron - Love Ya Brother Ronald Kind... West Bend WI 10/11/62- Blossom TX 11/11/13
  3. It's been awhile, but I am back online. Yes Tom, I am still driving the "granny wagon" gee-thanks for giving it the name... -KK
  4. Hiya from S.E. WI (yes there are more than one of us here) Welcome!
  5. I was going to ask you about the "unusual" links you have...But, I thank you for teaching me about a creature I may have never known existed, in a place I will probably never see. I have passed your link onto others who may also appreciate being so enlightend. Good luck to your friend w/their Soob purchase. -K
  6. I will totally agree w/you on Focus drums being POS!!!(spent 6 hrs w/them this past Sat.) I wouldn't mind keeping mine up, if I weren't such an ignorant &*%^, So- do you, or anyone- have an exploded view/instructions on e-brakes of this vintage?(2001) I have been having a hard time finding info. about this car online.(Apparently Hanes/Chilton do not make manuals for 'general consumption' either) Yes, Wisconsin is cold Nov.-March and, in the S.E. corner we are not parking on huge grades-Needless to say, I would prefer to keep everything on my car in operating condition... Who knows when I may want to take a trip to "mountain country"???
  7. Please-Correct me if I am mistaken... I "thought" the (squealers) were supposed to "squeal" when the brake was applied.(As in,the pad is closer to the rotor/therefore- so is the "squealer") Not the other way around- Just for the heck of it...(mine is (hopefully) fixed)... Kinda wondering (as an ignorant person) why the noise would go away when I touched the brakes? Looking at your Pic. again brus brother, I'm thinking we should have a thread strictly about brakes. Not sure what you mean by "tabs too wide"(where they touch clips on caliper???) but holy shoot- This is just wrong!!! Maybe this is a good reason Not to buy auto parts anywhere they sell fuzzy pink steering wheel covers!
  8. Been driving around for a while now-the "Granny Wagon" is good to go- Gotta say, way easier than dealin w/the spouses' Focus!(Havin fun w/that lately!) Thanks heartless! Sorry long time no "talk"! So- if they squeal- I just look for pebbles. Them there slides are lubed up, like...(I shouldn't say in polite company...) -K Gonna ignore anything to do w/the E-brake(I don't use it anyway) for as long as possible- Focus drums scared me off of them....
  9. I replaced the inner tie rods, my car also needed/got a wheel bearing, and a lower ball joint(both on the LF). Replacing inner tie rods fixed my clunking. Not sure if our issues are the same... but rather than explain it all, here is a link to my thread from the time. (Warning- it is looong) http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=127718 The clunk (or as I called it) tunk tunk tunk stuff- starts at post #42 in the above thread.
  10. Well, it took me a day+1/2 but I serviced all 4 brakes... (Lubed pins exc...) and replaced the rear pads. The lower slide pin on the LR (the one w/the rubber tip) was stuck/real stiff. Did a short test drive around the neighborhood, so far so good-no squealing. Kinda knocking on wood here, cause it seemed there was some rubbing action going on w/the E-brake on that wheel while turning it by hand. (I'm not confident enough to be ripping apart drums without supervision) FYI- I didn't have to touch the e-brake cable. Wondering- How important is it to have those "backing plates" intact? (in Wisconsin) [meaning the sheet metal ones, everyone says to bend back w/screwdriver cause they rub] I was manipulating them away from rotor/knocking loose rust off, and found one to be about 1/4 gone, and other has a coin-size rust hole.
  11. Are all of the shirts in the images Gildans? Are these all mens size shirts? Should we PM you for an address, to place an order/send a check?
  12. Thank you Thank you Thank you! My car seems to be a little diffrent than the pic. but, I located #2 area- Also, did locate 2 notches in the pinch weld by the arrow- I didn't see them before, because they were covered by that plastic body moulding. So it's OK to put a floor jack there too...?... [Reminds me of the time a friend jacked my floor pan up 5" in my 80 Mustang ] Do you know anything about the parking brake cable??? the online manual I saw said it needed to be removed before moving the caliper... but, from what I can see (what I think is the cable) it looks to go into the backing plate in the front lower section, and the caliper is in the rear upper section of the rotor... They seem to be nowhere near each other (from what I can tell in the dark, with the wheel still on) Do you know if I have to mess with it??? Thank you for your help!!! -K
  13. Thanks!! I'm gonna go out there now and see if I can identify that #2 spot... there is no notch in that pinch seam by the arrow on the "splash shield". But if thats where I should put the jack stand- OK- just seems like a scary spot for a floor jack- (I am extra cautious)
  14. So- the clunk is gone now? I recently had a similar clunk (under light acceleration) mine turned out to be the inner tie rods.
  15. Alright sario! Glad you got yours fixed! Hope you don't mind if I hijack your thread... My squeal is all the time, it goes away when I touch the brake even lightly. I think it's coming from the LR- I have a very stupid question... Where is an acceptable jacking point for the rear of an 01 Legacy Outback??? I checked my owners manual, shows the little arrows pointing to an area in front of the rear wheel- however, there is only a sloping 1/2 inch of space there (directly next to the body crimp) and a plastic shield thingy. I spent a lot of time laying under there looking for the best spot... I have a floor jack... Is it OK to jack up the whole rear of car on what looks like a crossmember-type-thingy directly behind the rear diff.??? (the rear diff mounts to this thing w/2 bolts) Or is there a better location? Also... Did some research on pad removal- said to remove parking brake cable first- Can someone tell me how this is done??? (01 Legacy Outback) Thanks.