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  1. I broke the connector.off by mistake used a different one .car runs worse know .any help? Thanks
  2. Is there a difference in years of knock senors.like from 99 to 95? Thanks
  3. OK.now brake light comes on a few times.thanks will clean cables on starter
  4. Sounds like weak battery .but only last like 2-3 seconds and starts fineq
  5. Hello all.no codes .no alt issues.start up hesation just for a few seconds.good battery.new NGK plugs wires.new fuel filter..air filter.sea form thing..what next to look at ?
  6. 95 wagon a/t awd, 2.2 , transmission fluid leaking alot right above catalytic converter, just started , if i take the plate off , what hoses ? or seal ? any help ? thanks, leaking at the second catalytic converter, right behind transmission
  7. Seems like it takes a long time to heat up.coolant is set up at -30 heat is not real hot temp gauge is 1/2 way possible thero stat?
  8. Bought 91 fwd legacy sedan fans do not turn on.but no overheating temp goes to center idle or driving and yes 20 degree outside. Any suggestions??