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  1. We checked the engine mounts and those look good. We've also been having alternator problems so it's parked right now until we figure it out, so we'll go through some of the other things mentioned. thanks for all the tips!
  2. Yeah, we figured we would jsut keep riding out the warranty, but it's such a pain to have to replace them! I also want to make sure it's not a symptom of a bigger problem.
  3. The inner CV joint is breaking but the boot is not ripped. They were replaced when first bought it and lasted for around a year, but we had a shorter commute then. The second set went out about the same time as the wheel bearings, so we replaced them all within about a week timeframe. That set lasted a few months, then we heard the clunking and felt vibrations again, sure enough it was the axles. Had a mechanic replace them to make sure we were doing it right. Those lasted about a month, then the timing belt broke and we took it to the mechanic again, after he fixed we drove it home and the next day it was shaking violently on the freeway and clunking again. Took it in, he swapped out the axles for a "better" quality and those lasted another month! We just replaced those ourselves the first week of October and we're starting to hear the thumping again. I'm not sure if there is anything else on the car that could put stress on the axle and cause it to break, or if it's just the quality of the parts.
  4. We've had our 1991 Loyale Wagon (4WD) for a few years now and we've gone through about 4 sets of front axles, the last pair lasting about a month! We've been buying after market parts from O-Reillys and Napa, and from what we've read it's probably just cheap parts. I looked on Subaru's website and they've discontinued the front axles for this year. Another forum said the remanufactured ones from Subaru aren't worth the money, that the best soulution is the original axle. We're thinking about going to Pick-N-Pull to grab a used axle, but our specific model and year is hard to find. Has anyone been able to find either a reliable new part that works or used an axle from another year that fits? We also heard that you can put the Brat axles in these if you lift it, but we don't need to replace the back axle and would rather not put the time into lifting.