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  1. Line is pretty crusty, and how do you cut it in that location? I was wondering if those lines were readily available, or something that has to be ordered?
  2. As for "different" systems. There are plenty of different systems on a Postal Legacy as opposed to an american left hand steer car. They are really not designed differently, they are the normal ones as that is the practice in Japan, and a lot of other countries where these cars are the normal ones with steering on the right. The American cars on the left, are the onses designed different. But here I amin America, with the odd ball RHD Legacy.
  3. What I see is a metal cooling line with an eyelet? on the end with a bolt going through it. The upper one is leaking, and crusty with rust. It is located on the (facing forward) left side of the transmission. It goes mid way back onto the transmission, and looks hard to reach due to the tunnel. The lower line is also attached with an eyelet with a bolt going through it, but looks much more accessable. These extend forwards to where the rubber line attaches. They remind me of a frot flexible brake hose set up with a line with an attaching bolt, instead of a brass flare type fitting.
  4. I have a leaky transmission cooling line on our 97 Postal Legacy. It isd pretty crusty and needs replacing. I can tell it has a special end on it for attaching to the tranny. Is this a dealer part only? Anyone ever changed these before? Is it easy/hard to reach? Or should I bite the bullet and take it to someone. I should replace both of them while I'm at it. Ahnd does anyone know if the Postal legacy cooling lines are different than the regular Subaru?
  5. Tried the coil pack this weekend and that seems to have done the trick, drove it about 10 miles with the wife following me in the truck, just in case, and had no problems. Who would have thought a coil pack is only good for 180,000 miles! Thanks!
  6. Coil pack sounds like an easy sensible thing to try. I have a good parts car out back, first day it isn't raining I will swap them out and give it a try. Thanks!
  7. Have a 97 Legacy Postal. Starts, runs, idles, and revs smooth as can be. Head down the road and after about a half mile it sputters, bucks, and quits. Cranks, tries to restart, sometimes it does, but then immediatly dies again. Drag it home, after it has set for awhile, it starts and idles fine again. I replaced fuel filter, but that wasn't it. For some reason, this one has a computer that resets itself when the key is shut off. Last winter this happened once or twice, but it did restart and I was able to make it home. Pretty much parked it for the laast few months and started to try and make it run again. 170,000 miles, and I don't know much about its prior history. We have had it almost a year, and it ran flawlessly for 6 months, but now this. just looking for where to start..........
  8. Pulled it out yesterday and welded it back together. pedal itself was paper thinn. Had to build it up with some extra metal from the back side. I am not looking forward to trying to put it back in place though........
  9. Guess I should mention there is 184,000 miles on it, and it is in NY the Rust Capitol of the world..................
  10. Wife came home from her mail route with the 97 Legacy Postal RHD and told me the brake pedal felt funny. She said the pedal felt wobbly, not the brakes, the pedal. Sure enough, she went to show me, by reaching down and wiggling it, and it came off in her hand. Not the rubber pad, but the pad and the flat piece the pad was mounted to. Looks like the metal simply rotted away where the flat part mounted to the lever. I am assuming a factory weld there. Looks like I have to attempt to fix it this weekend. Have not figured out how yet. Maybe with my stick welder, hopefully not setting the car opn fire. I hate to think what I would have to do to remove it from the car............. And I would not trust JB weld, with 650 stops a day..............
  11. I had very BAD experiences with both Subaru dealerships in my area. Enough to keep me from ever buying another new Subaru. I would not trust them enough to do anything I ask of them. They did not listen when I told them about problems before, mis-diagnosed other problems, and conned my wife into unneeded work instead of the job I had contacted them to do. Though I love the cars, my modern driver is now a Prius. The Subaru's we keep because my wife is still a mail carrier, and that's why we have the RHD Subies. The 97 we just picked up was from a local letter carrier who got a Post Office provided LLV, and did not need the Subie anymore. I can do all maintenance, change hubs, halfshafts, brakes, struts and have my own scanner, and an in-ground lift to get underneath. Electronics though..........scare me a bit.
  12. As far as I can tell they are the same, both have that canister in the back. I do know of another person who has a 97 parts car, but don't know if they will sell me the ECM
  13. Thanks, now I feel like an idiot as I was trying to look upside down under the steering column for it................... Most everything on a RHD is opposite of a LHD car so I will look this weekend for it. Any "issues" with swapping one from another car? Like a 98 for a 97? Both same configuration, same motor, same trans.
  14. I use Snap On myself. Best quality, and good service. Of course I am a car hobbyist who has a Snap On dealer stop by my house.
  15. As for it being an early production model I beleive it! Vin # is 4S3BK4954V8300819 Could that be the 819th one made? The person who bought it new said it was the first 97 "Postal" in the area. As far as the Postal subarus being made in Japan, that was true of the first Postals, the 91's. By at least 94 they were US assembled. But if it has the early style ECU, why isnt there documentation so I don't have a problem getting it to pass inspection? By the way, where is the ECU on one of these. I tried finding it under the dash, but am not a contortionist, and have back problems. I was thinking of aswapping out the one in my 98 to see if it makes a difference with the one in the 97.