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    Searced for "subaru forum". This one looked biggest
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    I am transplanting engine from Legacy into a VW. Primarily looking for ECU information
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  1. Sorry rambo, It looks as if your ECU (22644 AA020) has a different connector to mine in the photo below (22644 AA360) Hope you find what you're looking for. I'm still struggling a bit to find all the info I need
  2. Wow thanks, would be a great help. dalewheeler AT hotmail.co.uk
  3. As it says, I'm looking for an ECU pinout diagram, or some description of what the wires do. Anything really !!! The ECU is marked 7M, part number 22644 AA360 It's out of a UK-spec 1997 Legacy, with EJ25 DOHC engine, and auto transmission Much apreciated! Dale I guess similar ECU diagrams might also be useful, for example any of the 22644 AAxxx series So why do I need it? Well the car was written off due to a rear-end smash, and I've put the engine into my VW Vanagon, which has a manual (stick shift) transmission. Need to know what to do with all the auto-box related connectors