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  1. Hello all: Been creeping the forums for awhile, Have tried several fixes but with some slight performance . First car is a subbie impreza outback sport, 2.2 with air. This is my daily work driver 100 miles a day interstate driving. I started when I was going to leave work i just started the car and it stuttered and started to stall. I then shot the pedal to it and it started running better on the drive home it developed a stutter or miss at 1500 and 2500 rpms. When it is running it is fine until it hits the revs listed then it stutters and as it passes the target area it clears and runs better. I went and to it to a local mechanic and he put it on a code reader and it was popping MAF. SO with that being said I started the dreadful sensr change. I changed all the sensors, IAC , crankshaft, camshaft, temp sending and relocated the anti-knock sensor to the back of the block. I also replaced the MAF and it still pops when it gets put on the tester. The Coil pack has been replaced and the ignitor also. New wires and plugs, I also sea foamed the engine so im leaning towards it jumped time or a Vac leak? I have also changed out the fuel filter and Marvel mystery oil the fuel. it is sporting 165k and has had a new belt, water pump and thermo within the last 30k.. doesn't run hot but has a low idle. the comp was cleared and reset but now I am just at a loss of where to go or direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated... I aslo checked all the grounds and cleaned them.
  2. As you were stating about the scanner, If you run a android phone you can buy for $5.00 bucks a app called TORQUE http://www.appbrain.com/app/torque-pro-(obd-2-car)/org.prowl.torque and then go to amazon and buy the bluetooth adapter and scan your car wireless some of the higher end ones which i got had a CD to install the software on your laptop so you can run it there also .. thats a youtube vid of the same.. hope it helps....
  3. I just checked today, and the seating on the one side is broken where the tabs fit in... I am going to attempt to find a replacement airbox now... thanks..
  4. I did spray the MAF sensor, The whistle is a generalized sound sounds like it coming from the airbox? Think it is clogged on the inner side of the inner fender? I just ran in on torque again and it shows code P0102 _Drivetrain -Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low. and direction now? thanks everyone for all the help so far. I have been pulling my hair out..
  5. Thanks.. I will get it scanned tomorrow. yes the Cel is on and i still get the 16 flash at oil light for stored code.. I have not check the timing marks .. I will check that also .. and the engine is a 1997 ej22.
  6. Well changed out the plugs again and checked all the duct work.. I can hear a whistling noise sounds like in the air cleaner box. I checked it no obstructions unsure what the whistle is. Also attached are the first set of plugs i pulled out of the car that were not the ones subbie calls for.. I replaced them with the NGK plug called for in the owners manual.. Thanks ... Still pulling my hair out.. My father inlaw seems to think its a plugged cat???? thoughts could that be the whistle I am hearing in the airbox?
  7. Thanks Falcon, I will check the ducting and seals never thought of that.. I put new plugs in it but assumed that they are all good but anything is worth a shot..
  8. CEL is not popping. I get the dreaded 16 flash on the at oil stored code when it gets put on the meter is is showing Mass Air Flow. And I put a new MAF sensor in place . I will check the wiring to and from it. Thank you for a different view. gets old when you talk to yourself going over things...