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    I have had 4 different Subarus , I am in Bland Mo . Married and am an old timer, I am 66.
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  1. Thanks for the info , guys, I sorta thought it was under powered, I found a parts car with 119XXX miles but after looking it over, it's too good to tear up so I licensed it and am driving it now so maybe I will wait a while for an engine for the Baja. thanks again for the help.
  2. My Baja has right at 250,000 miles and now I am getting some oil in the water I suppose it's a head gasket, I see they have 2.0 engines on eBay pretty reasonable, they say the intake has to be changed because of the EGR valve. do you think that reduction in engine size would affect the car a lot, I do pull a trailer with my golf cart to swap meets and such. also if I don't change the manifold will it work that way. Thanks Vernon