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  1. brownie

    Distributor cap gasket?

    Thank you. RTV is ok to use in that environment?
  2. Mine is old and cracked, sometimes leaks water vapor, anyone know where to get these discontinued items or how to fix an old one with a broken circle? Thanks
  3. brownie

    90 loyale suddenly quit

    Thanks all, was rotor set screw loosening and falling out eventually. Pain. Does anyone have a shortcut on the ridiculous set screw other than pulling distributor to place set screw for next tune up? She is fixed!
  4. brownie

    90 loyale suddenly quit

    if i press accelerator while attempting to start i get a little hiccup
  5. My 90 loyale recently kind of sputtered momentarily at highway speed. Then days after suddenly quit at idle in traffic, slightly backfired. I borrowed a fuel pump guage and put it in line of fuel filter. Reads 20 psi. Can anyone please help?
  6. brownie

    Prevent theft

    i want to know how to install kill switches.
  7. can i get some help on installing a switch or something to prevent theft of 1990 loyale? Thank you.
  8. Does anyone have a good picture of the loyale 5 series a/c diagram or better clear photo for purpose of putting one back together properly? Factory air. Thanks Ron