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  1. I'm trying to locate the mass airflow sensor because I think this may be the cause of my rough running forester. But I've checked online and can't find a diagram of where it is on my car. I found a device that I thought was it on the throttle body area- when I pulled it, it looked like a metal mushroom and no sign of wires. It was dirty so I cleaned it, but I don't think it is the MAF. Maybe I don't even have one? I dumped half a can of seafoam in the gas, and now I'm going to seafoam a vacuum line. Thanks for any healp and/or diagrams. ironandsteel
  2. No, not changed plugs, but I will tomorrow. Yes, I had the timing belt changed around 110k. This afternoon I did the seafoam vacuum line smoke show. I also added half a bottle of "star tron" magic potion, to the tank. I then took it out and drove it hard. I think it is better- it seems to idle smoothly now, but I'll go ahead and do plugs anyway. Do I need to get a PCV from Subaru? Or can i get a good one from napa or advance auto? This is a somewhat unusual forester- it has the manual transmission, but it is fully loaded- sunroof, etc. You pretty much never see this combination- I snapped it up as soon as I found it. I really like stick shift. It is a shame that a limb fell on this car's roof a while back- made small dent. Doesn't affect the sunroof operation tho.
  3. A couple months ago it threw a cyl 4 misfire CEL, and sure enough, the #4 plug wire had a visible crack. So- new wires are done. I just now cleaned the air filter with compressed air- it wasn't too bad. Gotta figure out where the fuel filter is. PCV probably a good idea too. I think I know where it is- it has a 3/4" short curved tube that connects to the throttle body. I've had the car since 40k miles and it is up to 120k now. Thanks-