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    56 year old female owner of 2nd hand Subaru Wagon. Bought it with 89,000 on it, now has 112,00. Not a heavy driver average less than 5000 miles a year.
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    1993 Subaru Loyale Wagon
  1. Don't know how the A replaced the 4, but yes it is a 4WD and no I don't use it much in Oregon. Runs smooth and accelerating on flat is no problem, although I don't travel over 65 on the flat. It does miss when climbing and I am giving it gas and down shifting to struggle up any hill. Where do you check for clog in exhaust? I can have a compression test done and someone check for vacuum leaks but that will entail a garage I guess.
  2. 1.8, 4cyl 5spd AWD with 112,000 miles. Have replaced timing belts, tuneup, oil pump seals but still doesn't have much power up even a gradual hill. Have been told to replace throttle positioning sensor which is a pretty spendy part. Looking for some expert advice from other Subaru owners?