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    300,000 miles on my Subie, in dire straits need help! SOS!
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  1. Thanks you 2! It's a Legacy L, it's got an EJ22 in it. It was aftermarket(murray), but the thermostat I pulled was too and in addition to that the one I pulled turned out to not be broken (I boiled it after the fact on the stove popped open and shut close on the counter). The Coolant resevoir was full, the radiator was pretty close to full, the cooling fans are working. The overheating happens, idling, standing still and while driving. So, there's hope still even though it died in the street on "H" and then re-started and was driven home on "H"? Thanks for the answers, I'm so worried.
  2. Hello All, I'm new to the forum, here's the information: 1996 Subaru Legacy (300,000 miles). Over heated yesterday- on the "H", check engine light on, go to Autozone, code reads P0125, list "coolant temp is always low" then list probable cause "661-check coolant level"- checked, fine "662=Thermostat defective"- replacted thermostat, then boiled old one and it popped open, so it was never in need of replacement then "663= ECT (engine coolant temparature) sensor defective"- I don't even know what this is did nothing with it. Then today, I had to pick my son up from school (single/astrologer mom who lives on student loans and near nothing pay), car makes it to school (no over heating), when we leave school car overheats, all the way to H- then car dies in street (hear what sounds like loud knocking 5 seconds before it dies). Car restarts, I pull over, wait for it to cool, then I drive home (3 miles) on "H" almost instantly. Now it's parked outside, I have 0 support system and need this car to continue living if possible. I burbed the radiator/bled it, check out the oil it is NOT milky, no white smoke out of exhaust, no bubbles in resevioure, no black much in there either (though some brown muck that's been in there since I bought it 3 years ago), looked at outside of head gasket and around- no coolant, no visible signs. Is it the head gasket? The heater worked briefly on the ride to school (after I changed the fully functioning thermostat and flushed/bled radiator), then nothing but cold air the rest of the time. I know NOTHING about head gaskets other then the basic signs none of which I see though the car is in "H", the car DIED, and the heat is not blowing. Please, someone, anyone, help me. I truly need an angel right now. Also, as a side note I'm an astrologer and write weekly horoscopes, find me on FB or google Mystic Gwen. PLEASE HELP!!! The pic below is me and what I hope to be doing after one of you Yoda's guide me and that is smoking a CIGAR. For the love of God, Alah, Buddha, Hendrix and Geddy Lee- HELP ME.