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  1. CrazMAd

    What is a good multimeter?

    I'm inclined to agree that the needs dictate the tool. Personally, I keep a Power Probe iii and a cheap $20 craftsman multimeter in my box, along with a lead set I picked up on Amazon (tips, clips, etc). The only problem i have is my lack of a MIN/MAX setting or autoranging ability. For all intensive purposes, that combo works well for me in a shop setting. But again, it's never a bad idea to have a good dvom kicking around. Little side tip: those "grenade pins" that come in t-belt tensioners are very strong and grind down very easy. I keep half a dozen different cuts in my kit to fit multiple pin/connector styles. Stay very sharp too, for back probing. Cheers
  2. CrazMAd

    Ej20-E valve adjustment

    Well, good timing. .010 it is. May I ask where you found this?
  3. CrazMAd

    Ej20-E valve adjustment

    Well maybe it was a long shot posting this here. Doesn't seem to be much activity. With that said, I will be setting intake clearance to .008" and exhaust to .009". If I have any problems, they will be posted here for future reference.
  4. Looking for valve lash specs for an JDM NA EJ201 SOHC. Current search has been fruitless. Engine was manufactured somewhere between '99 and '04, but I can't provide an exact year. If anyone has a set of proper specs or could direct me to someone/somewhere that does, it would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  5. Greetings all, I'm new to the world of forums, but not to the world of Subarus. I'm an Auto Tech living in Washington state and currently own a 2001 Legacy as my dd. I look forward to sharing my experiences and helping when and where I can. Cheers