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  1. For some time the key has been hard to turn to "Lock" in the ignition of my 2006 Outback. It's a duplicate, not an original key, that was programmed with my fob, though I do have an original key available. Yesterday the key would not turn in either direction, slightly out of Lock position. My son (at LATTC in Los Angeles) to become a mechanic) got it out and after running some diagnostics thinks it could be worn tumblers from years of jiggling and pressure to get the key out OR the spring that allows the pin to move and allow the key to move into lock position is worn. Since the key won't turn in either direction now (something new as of yesterday, I don't know. He checked the electrical components which are fine. The Subaru dealer parts guy says ALL locks must be replaced, $475 just for parts, because changing out just one part would do something to the security system. Suggestions? My son was able to get the key out, but right now the car is going nowhere.