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  1. Still looking for a little help with this miss . Today I pulled the valve cover the engine does have Hydraulic lifters every thing looks good so I reinstalled the cover. I did get a new code today which read PO267. Any suggestions on the best way to trouble shoot this code?
  2. Did a little research on the web if the motor is a 1996 it probably does have Hydraulic lifters. I may pull the valve cover just to take a look. I drove the car on the highway today for 20 miles it would not throw a code. (PO303) code did not appear till i let the car idle, Seems like the miss is more prevalent at low RPM.
  3. The only code showing up is a P0303, What do you mean when you say HLA engine ? This car is a 1998 Legacy GT it was built with a 2.5, A previous owner did a swap to a EJ22. I only know that because I can read it on the block. I think the engine is a 1996 because the spark plugs do not go through the valve covers making it a non interference engine which were built 1990-1996 Also I think it has single port exhaust making it a 1995 or 1996. Do you think the miss could come from a improperly seated intake or exhaust valve? As for the injectors I do not own a noid light but i did check #3 with a test light and a meter for voltage. With the key on I had constant voltage when the engine was running I was seeing a pulse on the test light. Bill
  4. Compression: is 150 equal to or greater then the other 3 cylinders Spark: this runs a wasted spark system coil 1 Cylinder 1&2 Coil 2 Cylinder 3&4 I swapped wires for 3&4 misfire stayed on cylinder #3 Fuel: I swapped #3 & #4 injector misfire stayed on cylinder #3 Air: How can I check ?
  5. Hey Guys, 1996 EJ22 SOHC keeps bringing up a code misfire on #3 cylinder. Changed plug and wire and swaped injector problem still present. Any ideas were to look next? If i clear the code it comes back almost immediately. Car runs ok but I can hear the miss in the exhaust.
  6. Anyone else have any ideas on why this engine is missing ???? Are those compression numbers close to were a 2.2 should be?
  7. Cylinder #1 145 Cylinder #2 145 Cylinder #3 150 Cylinder #4 135 These were done on a cold engine and removed only the plug from the cylinder that was being checked. The car seems to run without a miss at times. Missing is most present at low RPMs under load.
  8. The car has new plugs wires and i have swaped the coil the miss is always present
  9. The car always seem to have a miss I don't think it was caused by the intake swap.
  10. Hey Guys looking for a little direction and were to go from here. I have done a lot of work to this car and need to get it through inspection. This 1999 legacy had a engine swap before I bought it and now has a 2.2. The previous owner did not have emissions so when I first got it I had to change the intake and get one with a EGR. This has all been done the car runs but has a miss on cylinder 3 & 4 and a EGR flow malfunction.Not sure were to go from here I put a timing light on spark plug wire 3 &4 and both are showing a erratic flash indicating a miss could the coil be getting a bad signal I swapped coils and the problem was still present. .
  11. Went to get the disconnect and had the auto store check my system they said the alternator was bad. The alt is putting out over 14v but the regulator inside or the diodes are bad. Thanks for your reply.
  12. Help my battery keeps going dead Just bought a 1999 Legacy and having a few problems. One is I keep loosing charge to my battery. I have purchased and installed a new battery and this did not help.(New battery still goes dead) My alternator is charging around 14V so I am currently looking for some type of drain on the system. I just checked the positive post on my alternator and there is battery voltage to the post with the key in the off position . Could this be the problem? Thanks Bill
  13. OK , I think that will be the plan. I will buy the 2.2 manifold and swap out the parts needed from my friends 2.5 to the new 2.2 . When its complete I will pull the 2.2 without the EGR from the car and install the new 2.2 with EGR and I should be fine. I will let you guys know how I make out when I am done. Thanks for all your help Josh
  14. my friend has this for me but its from his 98 or 99 2.5 will it work ?
  15. Ok so I called Hanna's they will sell me the intake for $75.00 the EGR for $45.00 and he said he would throw in a tube. Would that be all I need ? What about the wiring harness and injectors. Some one also told me I will need to pull the head and have it drilled and taped for some type of connection. You Guys are very helpful but this job is making me nervous.