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  1. Thanks for all the responses everyone, but problem still not solved. More info: Current belt - BANDO (part # - 4PK990) The BANDO belt is not proper.. this belt stretched within 1,000 miles and is no longer good. Also seems to wide for the pulleys, but I am not sure about that. I have contacted one of the best older Subaru shops in the PNW (Smart Subaru) of whom one of their techs I bought the Subaru from and they told me the ONLY belt that they have had any success with is made by Mitsuboshi (yes.. that is with an 'O') So.. the manufacturer = Mitsuboshi Part Number = 73036GA100 Here is a link to a description of the belt and what vehicles it can be synced to: http://www.miparts.com/oem/73036-GA100 I am to take it in to have the pulleys and maybe bearings looked over and have the belt put on.. so time will tell. To clarify my Subaru .. it's a 1988 GL-10 Turbo (4WD all the time - NO 4 low shifter) The belt in questions works off the alternator and down to accessories (AC and so on) If you need pics I can get that for you and post here! Any more feedback is greatly appreciated!! cheers.
  2. So.. I found and purchased my dream machine Subaru GL-10turbo (85,000 original miles) After 2,000 of my own miles she comes with one incredibly annoying issue that no one.. and I mean no master Subaru mechanic can fix or even have an answer for. The alternator accessory belt is simply not made anymore. Seemingly ALL aftermarket belts are just not proper enough to last more than 1,000 miles before they have stretched too far for the alternator/pulley adjustment and just squeal like a dying pig. PLEASE... for the love of god.. as I put on my 3rd belt in 2,000 miles.. does anyone have a solution. Even better... please provide details on the best belt and make of belt. Maybe even a link if where to order one. Or maybe I am completely missing the answer and it's a pulley gone bad?? If a Subaru mechanic will not help me figure it out I thought to try here.. Thanks Everyone!!!