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  1. I did not remove any of the shift forks from the rods. Is there a pin like this in the reverse idler gear? I don't remember taking a pin out there but some of my manuals show a pin at the end of the idler gear shaft. Otherwise I am not seeing anything obvious in the manuals.
  2. @General Disorder - you are right, it was the main seal that was leaking. Input shaft bearings were OK but I changed them anyway. Sounds like I was was the unlucky exception with a bad main seal.
  3. My first thought on the first pin (the double rolled pin) was that it went to the shifter knuckle linkage. However, I did not take that pin out. The finish on this pin is nice, no dirt, etc. so I am wondering if it should have gone inside the transmission where it was soaked in gear oil all these years. That is my concern and fear - that the pin goes inside the transmission somewhere. Is anyone aware of a pin like this that would be internal to the transmission?
  4. I am refurbishing a 2002 Subaru Outback Wagon Manual Transmission for my teenager's first car. Part of the job was to remove and split the transmission cases to fix some leaking seals. I reassembled the cases and found that I have two extra pins (see photo). Some time has passed since I disassembled the transmission and I can't remember where they went. Does anyone recognize the pins and know where they should be installed? The first pin in a rolled spring pin about an inch long. It's a double pin with a smaller pin inside it. The second pin is a toothed pin similar to the pins that mount the front axels but of a different length. This one is about 1 7/8" long.