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  1. Thanks for the replies, it's all back together now. It was a chain cover pull as GeneralDisorder said. $120 in parts and a day worth of work. Got the e-force supercharger installed, header, over-pipe, front pipe, exhaust, coilovers, lower rear control arms, new shoes, and it's ready for a tune and final set-up with all my gimmicky performance part. Warranty? hahahaha!
  2. 2017 BRZ Trying pics again. After looking at them on the computer vs phone I can see a crack in the sprocket now too.
  3. Swamping out the crank pulley and the boss / spacer came out and didn't get aligned correctly on the reinstall. Need help on the parts list. We're ordering a new bolt, o-ring, and boss but we're not sure what else we will need up to the sprocket. In the pictures you can see the back of the boss damaged at the keyed opening. At the sprocket it looks like the key is the piece at about 10 o'clock and it's also damaged. I think the sprocket is good, is that little piece the key #E50506? and is the shiny metal ring behind it against the sprocket a separate piece or part of the sprocket? Anyone who has any additional information please help, thank you.