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  1. ok as stated car is a 5/92' legacy w/2.2 vin 4s3bj6325n7925300 new transmission came out of a 95 legacy vin4s3bd635xs7222837 new diff out of a 91 legacy w/o turbo vin 4s4bj63c3m7912029 and has sticker with 4.11 on rear cover plate i drove car home last night with no problems and no codes flashed on the "power" indicator but im not sure if it compares speed sensors and can set a code for the diff ratio's being wrong
  2. i have just been doing research on these auto trannies as im in the middle of a swap/upgrade ,from what ive found from a factory service manual the power indicator does just what you say when you floor it it changes the shift rate and the rpms at which it shifts into each gear. the light is just telling you it has change into this different program shift mode .once you let off the accelerator it switches back to normal mode . the manual button as per the factory manual "used to maintain the transmission in select range 2nd,3rd when going up or down steep hills,running on sand ,mud or slippery surface" took me reading the entire manual to find that out . i was hoping it would provide locked full time 4wd but i appears it doesnt ,just start you out in 2nd gear (limiting wheel slip) and then only allowing 3rd gear with no 4th or torque converter lock-up. the other thing the power button does is flash problem codes for trans ECU if it has sensed a problem and set a trouble code. hope this helps
  3. ok newbie here i searched the post so far and havent found an answer to my ? .so heres the story i purchased a 92 legacy L w/2.2 ltr wagon to replace my mom's 81 with 300k which is slowly falling apart. im an auto tech here in Wa state and this car came into our shop with a badly slipping automatic transmission ,customer didnt want to fix it so i offered to buy it ,also spoke to local subaru tech and he told me 90-94 transmissions had problems but that i could put a 95-97 in the car as long as i swapped the diff as well.so i purchased a trans from local slavage yard requesting that i got the diff out of the same car ,well when parts arrive invoice shows they are from different cars and i pulled the fill plug on diff and counted teeth and it was another 3.90 so called back and requested a 4.11 diff which they sent . so heres my ? the wagon had a 3.90 diff in it (as per tag on diff) with old bad trans . the only info i could find showed 95 legacy autos had 4.11 diffs and i thought i could spin the wheels while locking one axle front and rear ,mark and watch the tires on the other side and see if they spin at the same rate .but after reading about the 4wd system i come to find there is no way to lock into 4wd ,the trans ecu controls lockup by wheel slip via speed sensors . so how do i know definatively that i have the right tranny and diff combination? (by the way i did put the 4.11 in the car but havent driven it yet) i want to know i have the right ratio so i dont damage anything. i have vin for all vehicles if that would help. thanks in advance Angus