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  1. Supermikey97

    Loyale won’t run

    Yeah I found videos of it online and I know it’s in the right order because it’ll run sometimes and it’ll rev all the way up.
  2. So I bought a 92 Loyale 4WD wagon. With 278k miles for $700. Awesome right? Anyway, it had a small misfire so I got excited and replaced the distributor cap, rotor, wires, plugs, ignition coil, and a new fuel filter. Annnnnd nothing. It turns over but won’t start. So I did some tinkering with the spark plug wires and got it to start but only every once and a while will it start. And that’s with a lot of effort. And it’ll only stay running if I hold the gas down a little bit. Every once and a while it’ll idle on its own but the second I hit the gas and let go it dies. I used a test light and I’m getting spark from all ports on the cap. Any answers would be greatly appreciated!!!