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  1. Update: Everything is sold and the elderly couple is grateful so thanks to all. There was another whole box of stuff too, so hopefully it was a good deal for the buyer. I'm, just glad it all found a good home where it will be put to use.
  2. dfoyl, replied to PM. While I have your attention, does anyone recognize these parts? I know the torsion bar is Subaru but not sure what model. And the rest of the parts, possibly Subaru steering column bits? They were all found in a box together and haven't seen daylight in decades.
  3. I also have the dealer plates from the dealership along with the dealer licenses for each plate and a pile of NOS chrome dealership frames. These are 60's CA black plates (auto, motorcycle and trailer), and 70's blue plates (auto) plus one very special blue plate. The plates are not currently for sale but whoever buys this stuff will get first crack at them if or when they do become available. Does $300 for the tools and literature posted above sound reasonable? It's probably 60 pounds of stuff.
  4. Fair enough, I guess I'm being that guy I hate who posts an ad with make offer. Truth be told I'm still trying to figure out what this stuff is worth. I'm selling it for an elderly couple so I just want to get them a fair price and find the stuff a good home where it will be appreciated for what it is. I'm a car guy but I just don't know early Subarus so in the back of my mind I was hoping a local guy would pop up who could help figure out what everything is and make a fair offer. I just dug it all out and got some photos of what is there. The first photo are all tools with part numbers starting with prefix 899. The second photo are all prefix 921. The third photo are mixed tools, including some that I haven't fully identified as Subaru yet. There were some MOWOG/BMC (British) tools mixed in, so if any of these remaining tools are identified as British then they would not be included. There is also a photo of one of the buttons mentioned. There could be more including some parts, but this is everything I've found so far.
  5. I have a few boxes full of factory original early Subaru tools, dealer literature, parts lists, service bulletins, advertising brochures, a box full of NOS early 70's promotional buttons, etc. This all came from what I've been told was one of the first Subaru dealers in the area. Covers late 60's through late 70's or possibly early 80's. It's a treasure trove but alas, I don't have a car they will work on so they need a new owner. Local pickup greatly preferred because I really don't want to pack and ship this stuff. Located about 30 miles NW of downtown L.A. Taking offers, detailed photos available upon request.