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    Live in fl, got an airboat with a soob
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    14' hull, ej20 turbo, 2:1 belt drive, 10 blade pro

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  1. Sorry, been busy working on the biat. Ill post vids and more info asap ! I might be getting a 550hp ej25, my buddy just totaled his car, just gotta see how much he wants for it.
  2. Hmm... have plenty of pics but will only let me upload 2mb.
  3. Just got in from the river. Blew all 5 of the drive belts. They were a little dry rotted. Had my buddy pull me 3 miles back through the st johns with his four wheeler. I knew the belts were slinging off when i heard the turbo start screamin, i couldnt shut off the motor when the first belt slung, and it got into the rest of them. But it kept up with my buddys 454 bbc direct drive, my cousins sbc with a gearbox 2:1. But heres pics of the good day on the river, bad day in the pocketbook.
  4. Alright ill take some pictures when i get home, where would the ecu code be located at? And ill try to take some videos when i take it out later on today. - Shawn
  5. New to the subaru world, ive always played with small and big block chevys, and aircraft engines. Well now my newest ride is a 14' fiberglass okie gator hull, with an ej20 turbo motor. Im not sure what year, maybe you guys can help me out. Its had a 2:1 belt reduction, because you can only turn a prop at 3100 rpm max, so 3100 rpms on a little ej wont do much. So we reduct them 2:1 so you can turn 6000 rpm max without over spinning the prop. Just a little something different for your forums!
  6. My 14' okie gator airboat. Powered by an ej20 turbo, has a 2:1 belt drive with a 10 blade warp drive prop. It does great out here on the st johns river, just got done test driving it for about 3 days in a row. I have a few questions for you guys but ill wait till tmrw. Till then, heres the boat ! Ill take some vids tmrw too.
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