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  1. Since there was only about 3/4" missing from one of the ends, I applied a gel adhesive to the back side, then used a flat head screwdriver to press it up into place. When I come across a piece of thin rubber that I think will fit, I'll cut to size and install the same way for the last 3/4".
  2. Thank you for your reply. A junkyard may be a good option. To clarify, it is the very small black strip that is below that chrome trim piece that is right below the window:
  3. I didn't see any kits on RockAuto for your vehicle with a hydraulic actuator which are used in second generation legacies/outbacks. They all have a hydraulic tensioner which fits your vehicle. On the older legacies a separate hydraulic actuator is used to push the tensioner pulley. On your Subaru it is an all-in-one part as pictured in the kit.
  4. For a Second Generation Legacy, does anyone have information about the thin rubber weather stripping that runs horizontally under the outside of the windows? It seems to be held in place by adhesive. I'm looking for a name or part number if it's available at NAPA, O'Reilly etc. either by the foot or pre-packaged.
  5. It could be the starter itself. They have the solenoid rebuild kits you could try first. A sign it could be the starter is it it's intermittent or you have sometimes have to wait like 10 minutes and then it suddenly works. Also a battery that is going out can cause the same symptoms. It may have have enough power for lights/accessories though not enough to turn over the starter. This can also be intermittent until it won't start at all though you'll have some power for accessories until it's completely drained. I'd get the battery tested at an auto parts store and/or try with another one that is of acceptable size for that vehicle.
  6. This guy does: "Court docs: Man accused of stealing hundreds of cars, selling them now faces 117 charges" https://www.kptv.com/news/court-docs-man-accused-of-stealing-hundreds-of-cars-selling/article_bd05ddc8-a966-11e9-8550-8b8557da4026.html
  7. You can put one of these under the e-brake and against the shifter in Park. It will also secure the center console lid. They're about $15 shipped on eBay.
  8. If you're experiencing torque bind (car jolts when turning) due to low and/or old transmission fluid it will make that issue go away until you do the drain and fills. I feel like I get more acceleration power with the FWD fuse in though slippage sometimes that doesn't occur in AWD mode. You can test the MPG's yourself with 2-3 tanks of fuel in each mode.
  9. It turned out to be the Harmonic Balancer that needed to be replaced.
  10. Does anyone know if this is coming from the A/C compressor or the idler pulley? It only happens when the A/C is turned on. Short clip with audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucJ_VhZuefY At first when the A/C was turned on the A/C belt would move/turn slowly and make the loud sound. I removed the clutch and one of the small washer shims and now it turns at regular speed when the A/C is turned on though the loud sound is still there. If it's on the A/C compressor is it one part I can replace? The belt is new and the idler pulley is fully extended.