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  1. You were right.I took everything off the front and got around in there with a flashlight and found a hairline crack down that switch almost under the VVT solenoid ,which was why it was so hard to find.It almost looked like a piece of the casting .Im not sure that it wasnt there before though..It looks like there may have been some rtv or something around it,and I probably exacerbated it when I installed the new one.What a piss poor design that is.I ended up taking a dremel and cutting into the crack a bit,then putting some JB weld on it.It seemed to fix the problem for the moment.At least now I know now where the leak is.If the JB doesnt hold up , I think I'll try drilling that hole out , try finding an insert to epoxy in it ,and attaching the pressure switch to it.If I have to pull the head to have someone weld it , I'd just as soon replace the head. If you have another idea ,Id be happy to hear .Thanks for your responses
  2. Thats a good idea.I never thought of power braking it to get it to engage.Thanks!
  3. If so, it wouldve cracked around the pressure switch correct? Could the crack develop beneath that where I cant see it somehow?
  4. I was careful not to since I had seen on a few of these forums that people have done just that.I used thread sealer and a torque wrench with the proper torque specs. Ive also inspected all around it with everything broken down.Wouldnt it leak while idling?
  5. The first one is after idling for around a half hour while putting away my tools. The second is after a less than a block https://www.dropbox.com/s/zj851yr5zkh6o1o/2019-06-11 17.43.03.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6s5mwricxjwk9wa/2019-06-11 18.40.16.jpg?dl=0
  6. There was oil at the top before I changed that VVT and pressure switch.The leak moved.I was trying to upload more pics but they are over 2mb so Im in the middle of finding another way to post all at once
  7. Hi,I have a 2012 Outback 2.5 SOHC with 160,000 miles and some change. I started smelling burning oil and seeing a little smoke.I checked it and had some oil on the top of the engine,drivers side around the oil pressure switch.I got one from Subaru and replaced it.The smoke started to get worse and there was a lot more oil after the drive home under the the car,but no oil on the top of the engine.I thought it may be a cam seal dripping on the exhaust ,so I replaced it.After letting it run for a little while I saw no leaks and took it around the block.When I parked it smoke was rolling out again and there was oil under the cam again and all over the exhaust.I replaced it again with the same results. I ran a dye through and confirmed it was coming from behind the cam cover. I figured it may be the vvt solenoid so I replaced it.Same result.I then replaced the VVT housing gasket.Same results.I then replaced the VVT housing gasket and housing itself.Same goddamn results.Today I replaced the rocker cover gaskets and after a drive around the block ,still leaking . this is getting frustrating.Ive replaced the timing belt also and behind the cover nothing has the slightest bit of oil.Ive checked with a UV light and there is no oil coming out from the head or the rocker cover.Ive cleaned the motor several times just to try to see a drip, but until its driven there is no drip. No milky oil,no bubbles in the coolant and it doesnt smoke from the exhaust in the back. Also no code thrown.I am however getting a ton of smoke from the front exhaust where it bolts to the motor.Im at a loss.I cant see any oil coming from the dipstick tube but smoke rolls up from there.The only thing I can figure since ive replaced **** near everything else would be the cam carrier.Any advice would be appreciated . Ill post some pictures shortly