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    07 Subaru impreza 2.5 na
  1. Goat69

    2.5 swapped the motor

    07 impreza non turbo.the motor came out of a 08 wagon non turbo. It was a 130k mile that ran and drove it had been in a accident. We did head gaskets,front n rear seals,intake gaskets,new plugsnwires, we put the cam gears from the 07 on it we also had to swap some of the sensors the 07 motor to the 08 motor so that the harness would connect to them and we did new timing belt n water pump
  2. Goat69

    2.5 swapped the motor

    2.5 na swapped the motor and now it has a dead miss on cylinders 2 and 4? I swapped plug wires and plugs and coil pack and cam position sensor and crank sensor. Any other thoughts to fix it