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  1. Thank you very much!!! Everything is just fine now!!!
  2. I just installed a used VDC module and ABS pump with all exact matching numbers on my Impreza 2013. Is it plug and play type? Are the light in the cluster should shut them self off without any action by my self? Thanks
  3. Just installed a new ABS pump on my impreza 2013 I will take this opportunity the flush my brake fluid. Now can I simply bleed the brake the old fashion way and will that fill and bleed the new pump? Thanks
  4. I have try to fix the situation. Bought a VDC module from the scap yards. Still did not work. Subaru service department say that I have to buy a new one et 3800$ Canadian. That the one that I bought could not be reprogrammed.
  5. Bought a wreck Subaru Impreza 2013 base wagon. I need to pass a safety check. The VDC module does not work and I don't want to pay for fixing it. I will never pass the safety check if the warning light or on in the cluster. I think by reading the wiring diagram that the VDC module send data or voltage to the body integrated module that it's working fine or not. Then the body integrated module send to the macro computer that there is a fault if the VDC module does not work and the light in the cluster stay on. How do I trick the body integrated module that the VDC module is working? Thanks a lot!!!!