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  1. Update 2--Seems that passenger valve cover gasket is the culprit. Oil is pouring out so I am leaving the car parked until I am able to take it over to a shop..they will confirm for me that the valve cover is the issue but after taking a closer look it does seem to be the issue.
  2. Update--TCM replaced, TB cleaned, replaced air filter, and oil leak was not a leak, turns out it was overfilled, drained some oil into a bucket and will see if it still leaks tomorrow. Car is driving, idles better and no dips in RPMS when I from Park/Reverse to drive. Looking into extended warranties and I was able to found one that I am highly considering.
  3. Thanks for the response. I see..I do have LED brake lights and do wonder if this is the issue. As someone resolved it by replacing them back with halogens and one person had a faulty brake light switch. Thanks for the response. If I had the money or the time to I would but I am also paying off the car. I am looking to get extended warranty asap.
  4. Hello all, I have an issue with my car, but has since been temporarily resolved. Here is what happened: I have a 2005 LGT 5EAT, and last Tuesday I was backing out of a parking spot and put my car into drive and it stalled, put it back into P, and restarted the car and boom it did it again. After awkwardly pushing it back into a parking spot, I called AAA and got my car towed home. Called up a mobile mechanic who came, checked out the car and also found an oil leak that is not bad, but should be addressed soon. There was no CEL so we could not pull up any codes. The mechanic unhooked the battery for about 5 minutes put it back on and boom there was a CEL for P0700 followed by a P1718. The car has since been driving, and I have been driving it like a grandma, not even hitting more than 4 pounds of boost. The CEL went away after about 2 days but stored the codes. The mechanic advised me to buy a TCM and replace it as it could be the issue, which I did. But after further research apparently one person fixed it by finding out they had a bad brake light switch (mine works), and another one by replacing the LED brake lights with halogen (I have LED's as well). My question is...how the h*ll does f**king LED BULBS cause a f**king car to stall?? This happened to me last year, but dropped off to a mechanic and he was able to fix it. Another question--could a faulty TCM indeed be the cause of this or a short somewhere??

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    Nice, not the selling part though! I have close to 190K on the chassis, about 70-75K on the engine. Got the engine August of last year, and then it took a s**t and had to replace the engine. Have to replace shocks and struts, got a oil leak which I think where its leaking from (I check the oil level everyday to make sure it is not low and have some oil on hand), needs alignment and balance but after I do the shocks and struts, transmission mount sounds shot, and going to upgrade the pitch stop mount and well last week it kept dying when I tried going into gear...P0700 & P1718. Took off the positive battery cable for 5 minutes, started up and it ran and drove, still does. CEL was on for 2 days and then it went off but stored the code. I purchased a used TCM, but was just made aware the ECM could be faulty or a loose/poor connection. Mods: SPT Intake EBC Perrin Intercooler Exhaust Road Tuned (Most) Banjo Filter delete Sorry for the lengthy reply lol.
  6. Title says it all! Hi all, hope you guys had a great thanksgiving! Looking to get some help with my Subaru, but I first thought I would introduce myself a little. I am an owner of a 05 LGT 5EAT and well the car has been through a lot...I will just leave it at that. Anyways, hoping to get some great insight from y'all. Hope you have a great rest of your day and nice to meet you all!