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  1. the previous owner had timing gears/belt redone at 156,890 , water pump thermostat, at 158,190 (all records from dealership came with the car), the car has 188790 on it now, I serviced it when i got it, checked all fluids, and tuned it up, i'm thinking its good for another 100,000
  2. I bought my 97 impreza outback sport to beat around in ,haul my yacks, and drive back and fourth to work. With in a couple weeks i was very impressed with the old ride. 29 mpg, and it had very well kept Currently I've replaced the factory horn with a set of hella horns, and putt a set of J racks atop of it to haul my kayaks. Thinking of a suspension lift ,and some supplemental lighting as well, we'll see, but as of right now i love my subaru.
  3. First time accidental owner. Bought a 97 impreza outback sport a a old car to beat back n forth to work in, for the gas milage, and it took me all of a week to realize i should have bought one years ago.Great little cars.solid and sound. I love mine and plan to keep it around for a long time. Minor mods coming to make it more acceptable to use kayaking and fishing, Thanks for the add.
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