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  1. I jumped the starter solenoid and the motor cranks, so problem is in the shifter/ trans I hope. Thanks Prasad
  2. Thanks guys, Ever since the shifter became harder to move (even prior to the long storage period) I had to play with the shifter/neutral safety switch to get it started. No, the solenoid does not engage, no clicking sound. I will jump the starter and see if it turns and take the shifter cable off and se if the Trans can be shifted by hand. The car was a 4wd but now only the fwd works, I don’t know if that affects any thing. Thanks again Prasad
  3. I have a 95 Legacy wagon, I parked it my barn for about 8 months, and I drove it in there. Now I go to start, it doesn't want to start. The starter is not engaging. I took apart the shifter to check the neutral safety switch and I by passed it but no luck. The shifter seems very tight. I can only move it down only to drive nothing lower. Also nothing is really moving by the Trans when I move the shifter inside. Do I need a new shifter cable? Why wouldn't it start if I have the neutral safety switch by passed? Is there any thing in the tranny that is preventing it from starting? TIA Prasad
  4. If I indeed need a tranny, what years can I get it out of? I have lead on a 92. Thanks again guys Prasad
  5. When I bought the car I drove 60 miles home but how can I tell if the 4wd is working. The only reason I found out it wasn't working was when we had 6" snow on the ground the my buddy told me it was only spinning the front wheels when I tried to pull out of the parking spot. Prasad
  6. I checked and there is no fuse inserted, the car runs fine with no tourque bind . I was realy hoping for the 4wd. Thanks Prasad
  7. Thanks again guys, I have one more question. Say it is in the trans and I need to replace/ fix it. If I don't want to spend the money, how long can I drive on 2wd with out any issues other than what it is, a 2wd Subaru.Would there be any other issues? Thanks Prasad
  8. Thanks guys, I will check the fuse. The car does have 4wd, there is a drive shaft going to the rear axels. Prasad
  9. As always you guys were right on the money. I double checked the fuses. This time I checked with a multimeter. The fuse for the parking lights looked perfectly fine but when I checked for continuity, it showed it was open. It had a hair line break in it. Repalced the fuse and we are all good. Thanks again guys Prasad
  10. Please help, I only have FWD, no power to the rear wheels. I don't know much about the history of this car other than; it's a 1995 Legacy, 214,000 miles, Automatic. I bought the car for next to nothing so I can't complain. I have to have 4wd due where I live and that was the sole reason I got back into another Subaru. I tried doing a search but there were only few posts and one or two about a fuse under the hood for 4wd but I think it was for earlier models but I am not sure. Where should I start? Thanks guys I really appreciate all the help here Prasad
  11. No, the parking lights do not come on with the virgin switch. I will go through every single fuse. Thanks Prasad
  12. I did try that as well, no luck. I will check all the other fuses. Thanks guys Prasad
  13. I have signal and brake lights however no tail lights or front side marker lights. I checked the fuse labled "tail" in the kick panel on the drivers side. It looks good. Am I missing something? Am I looking at the right fuse? This is a 1995 Legacy. T.I.A Prasad
  14. Does it matter if it is regular Legacy or an Outback? Thanks Prasad