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Found 2 results

  1. After it blowing up in the first week after buying it I finally got it fixed. now to take off the unequal length headers, and put a muffler back on
  2. Hi all, This is a 2000 Subaru Legacy L Wagon EJ25, just recently cracked 200k miles. Replaced the valves, head gaskets, and timing belt about 5 years back when the belt snapped and crunched the valves. Replaced the spark plugs, wires, fuel pump and filter less than 2 years ago. Last week, I realized my overflow reservior was empty and that there was tons of rust colored water in my cooling system. I knew that I at LEAST needed to flush it and replace the coolant. Pretty concerned as to the source of the rust; could be the water pump impeller, lower radiator hose spring, etc. Considered just replacing the water pump out of an abundance of caution, but decided I would let it ride as long as the cooling system is working, and just flush it. Noticed rust colored residue at one side of my lower radiator hose and realized that it was leaking, but so very slowly that it didn't leave a puddle as it did so. Probably just evaporating off the hose as the car ran. Cause was a worm drive hose clamp that had come slightly loose. I think I might need to get a more reliable type of hose clamp, but just tightened it up for now. First I removed the thermostat (not rusted), then did a couple water flushes, then a 50/50 vinegar/water flush for a day, then ran water through the radiator and engine with a garden hose. That was all this last weekend. On Sunday, after flushing with the garden hose, I put a bottle of Prestone Flush + Cleaner in the system plus water. Instructions say you can drive with the cleaner in the system for up to 6 hours over the course of a few days for "heavy duty cleaning". I planned to drain and flush the system again today, when my new thermostat was scheduled to arrive, then fill up with coolant. However, this afternoon the engine started idling rough and the CEL started flashing, which I've never seen before. The engine also starts to overheat. I check the radiator and find it's missing a good half gallon, which is confusing as hell because there is no leaking under the car and no white smoke has been coming out of my tailpipe. The overflow reservoir is also completely full and bubbling when I check it. Removed the timing belt cover; no rust colored splattering as you might expect from a weeping water pump. I could see the water pump too; no signs of problems. No problems in the engine oil either as checked via the dipstick. I refilled the radiator and emptied the overflow reservoir, but the overflow reservoir keeps filling up, bubbles and all, and then I overheat again. The engine also idles rough. The CEL will flash when I am idling at a stop, but then cease to flash when I'm driving and just stay on instead. Code is P0304 - Cylinder 4 misfire. I have a sinking feeling that I may have damaged my head gaskets with this Prestone cleaner, and now have a damaged head gasket leaking coolant into cylinder 4. I've drained and flushed my cooling system again and refilled it with just water. After watching the level at the filler neck, it seems it may be very slowly draining drop by drop, with no external leakage visible, which could mean coolant is going into the engine. I am going to investigate further tomorrow morning. I used an otoscope to peer into cylinder 4 and didn't see any water or rust stains. I even tried lightly pressurizing the engine with the garden hose when I was flushing it and still didn't see any water inside. However, the cylinder 4 spark plug is reddish with black, while the cylinder 1 spark plug is white with some black deposits. I've attached 3 photos of the spark plugs as well as 1 of the inside of the cylinder 4 using the otoscope. If this problem sounds familiar, or anyone has any advice on what more tests I can do to diagnose this issue, I would much appreciate it!
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