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Feb. Subaru Trivia Contest! Win Free Keychain!

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a fun - once per month, Subaru Trivia Contest

hosted by http://www.SubieGalRacing.com


Free to enter

there is no catch

there is no spam

there is no registering


it's just for kicks !

Last month we had 13 correct answers out of approximately 50 entries so the questions are pretty challenging.....


The prize for this Month is your choice of a FREE STi, WRX or SPT keychain now offered by Subaru!

Sponsored by http://www.Allsubaru.com


This month's question is an easy one :)

Feb. Trivia Contest


Let me know if there are any questions & good luck!




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Still too new school for me. I think I know the car it came on, but not the year (have a guess though)


When the question comes up of when the subaru symbol (the 6 star emblem) changed, I have that one in the bag :D

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Originally posted by Meeky Moose

new school to me is anything past the loyales.. uggh.. but i'll pop a guess in


okay you now have an official hint :)


this is WAAAY before any Loyale :D



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