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  1. Flowmastered87GL

    The End of Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S - in Subie Sizes?

    They still have these... I think they are the next generation maybe. (reading the response above from Tire Rack seems to back that up) https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Yokohama&tireModel=Geolandar+A%2FT+G015&partnum=07HR5G015&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes
  2. Flowmastered87GL

    My Free 86 wagon

    No power steering to get in the way... should make the process MUCH easier.
  3. Flowmastered87GL

    $1.00 1996 OBS!

    100K finally!
  4. Flowmastered87GL


    We can't actually host pictures here on the site. Best option is to host them somewhere like photobucket and then link the picture.
  5. Flowmastered87GL

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    Ah ok, can't tell they look really good in the pictures.
  6. Flowmastered87GL

    $1.00 1996 OBS!

    Pretty sure the car is going to get a Primitive Racing skid plate thrown on and I am going to run this event with "Hondasucks"
  7. Flowmastered87GL

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    If those gold rims are US spec... they are super rare and worth quite a bit... 1998 RS only. (1999 went to silver)
  8. There is not $5000 of padding in a Subaru. My parents just bought an Impreza and it was more like $1200 if I recall. They got the car below invoice plus I was able to get a $500 Subaru Ambassador coupon to apply on top of that. The dealer should be willing to show you the invoice. Often times if you contact the INTERNET DEPARTMENT, not retail sales, they will give you a very good quote over e-mail and tell you what invoice is. (I think the two bids I got were $200 under and $500 under) http://www.cars101.com/ used to show the invoice prices, but I couldn't find them tonight. If you dig around on there maybe you can find them.
  9. Expect the car to need at minimum: Timing belts and water pump. The timing belts especially are problematic on these cars. In around 135,000 miles of use of a GL I had the timing belts break on me twice leaving me stranded on the side of the road. On most of these that I had I commonly threw head gaskets, all oil seals, water pump, thermostat, plugs and wires, water pump at the car before being able to trust it. I love the GL series... but General Disorder is right... something newer like a Legacy or Impreza is going to be significantly more reliable.
  10. Flowmastered87GL

    '03 Impreza Outback Sport

    I guess it depends on which direction you want to tune it.... Make it better on the street or better off the street. I prefer the off the street direction personally. http://andersondesign-fab.com/gallery.php
  11. Flowmastered87GL

    Lifted Rigs 2017 Roll Call

    1996 OBS. 3/8" ADF strut top spacers 1997 Legacy Outback struts 1997 Legacy Outback rear trailing arm mounts 1997 Legacy Outback rear sway bar and mounts 1997 Legacy Outback tires/wheels Kartboy STi rear endlinks on front sway bar Whiteline rear camber bolts
  12. Flowmastered87GL

    The Unofficial "How to Lift your Impreza" Thread

    I'm not surprised they are rubbing, I have 205's on mine and 15's and I BARELY have any room. I can't even fit a finger in there. You may need different offset wheels. Hopefully someone else has another solution, but I just barely scraped by on my clearances.
  13. Flowmastered87GL

    The Unofficial "How to Lift your Impreza" Thread

    My tie rods are bone stock. My alignment setup was done as a "1997 Legacy Outback" Per Firestone.
  14. This covers a little more the older models, but it still has some good information in it. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/118004-the-unofficial-how-to-lift-your-impreza-thread/
  15. Try a nut from the front... it just might be the same size. If it is you can take that nut into the hardware store, fit a bolt that it fits which will tell you the size and pitch. Then find a nut with those specs. Its a roundabout way, but its how I figured out what my shifter was years ago on my GL.