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  1. TheSubaruJunkie

    EA81 5spd swap gone bad... help!

    LOL Jeremy!
  2. TheSubaruJunkie

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    Maybe if you own a brat with 2500 original miles on it.
  3. TheSubaruJunkie

    My lifted Impreza puts all yours to shame

    Nice photo.... ....of it PARKED!????? Show it doing its thing!
  4. TheSubaruJunkie

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    I want to know who these people are bidding on BaT? They are insane!! I mean take this for an example: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1994-toyota-4runner/ current bid $6,200 for a 3.0 4Runner with 138k miles??? That thing is maybe worth $3000 AT MOST! And thats while its currently running and driving. Not very long from now that motor will be trash. lol Anyhow, $46K for a Gen1 Brat is absolutely ridiculous. I call B.S.
  5. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    Thanks! Yeah I really like the way the gold rims look with the red too. And now that I tinted my fog lights it just looks so proper!
  6. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    The stuff you used at the car shows was just some sort of restoring agent that brought back the shine in dull plastic. The stuff I used is an actual black dye (that will turn your clothing black I found out). It appears to have still dyed the plastic a darker color. Im going to pressure wash it all off and see if it took care of the fading that I was concerned about.
  7. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    Well this sucks! I just took the car to get washed and it pretty much destroyed the dye job I did yesterday. Damnit.
  8. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    I will have to see what I can do. It burns a little oil and makes my wife sick. So no way she's gonna want to sit in this car for 12 hours.
  9. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    Since I was preparing the bumper for the dye, I thought it would be a good opportunity to pull the fog lights and restore them. I also picked up some yellow rvinyl tint off ebay and took some time to tint the fog lights. Here's a before & after shot of the fog lights on the restoration: and here's a shot of one light tinted vs the clear: The tinting process is not terribly difficult. I am not a perfectionist and ended up with a few tiny bubbles. But from a distance you would never be able to tell. I think the yellow fog lights compliment the gold rims.
  10. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    Well I spent the majority of yesterday with Rosey in the garage. I picked up some "Forever Black" bumper and trim dye off amazon so I could restore all the faded plastic cladding. I didn't really want to go full black, but there didn't seem to be any other options. And I didn't feel like masking and painting, so this seemed like the simplest solution. For reference here are a few before closeup shots of the main eye-sores: Here's a comparison shot I took during the process: And a close up of how well it covered the faded ripples on the rear bumper: Side shot of the finished project: The entire job didn't take more than 3 hours. I made sure to wash all the plastic with warm soapy water and then dry it with a towel. Then let it sit for a few minutes (80f california sun) to fully dry before pulling the car into the garage and getting to work. One bottle seemed to be more than enough. I probably have enough left in the bottle to do a follow-up coat in a few area's where I got sloppy. Near the end of the job, the foam brush included with the kit began to get floppy and lost a lot of its support. This made it difficult to apply even coats and on a few of the last panels you can see brush strokes. I will be getting another sponge style brush and re-apply a coat in these area's some other day. For now I am pretty satisfied with the results.
  11. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    Yeah 16" is so 2002, but you cant beat the ride comfort. Plus tires are still $90ea for high performance 215's.
  12. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    I removed the cross bars from the roof. It looks so much better now, except for all the faded trim. That is next on my list!
  13. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    Beauty Shot
  14. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    Spent a couple hours in the garage today and slapped in the new suspension. Wow what a huge improvement!!! Mostly because my old rear struts were completely blown. With these new struts and springs Rosey is planted firmly to the ground! Here's a before During & after shot Now she looks proper!
  15. TheSubaruJunkie

    Rosey the Forester - My new family helper

    They got quite a bit of curb rash and some chipping on the surface of a couple of the rims. I wont feel bad sanding and painting them.