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    Love my Subby;Looking to mod it for better trail use.already changed trans to a hi lo tansfer case.
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    93 Subaru Loyale
  1. But if im not mistaken dont you run an EA motor in yours.i hve the 2.2 EJ. with the STOCK EA cluch.need MORE holding power!
  3. Torry33

    Width of PS rack?

    im not an expert or am claiming this is the right or best way of doing this.i just did it because it was all i had to work with at the time and it has been working for me just fine.i have kids and am concerned with safety.if i noticed any odd hadling i wouldnt have been driving this for long like.maybe its so small i dont really noyice it,i dont know.but to me it does drive very good.
  4. Torry33

    Width of PS rack?

    ok i have been running my ej power rack in my lifted gl for almost a year with no abnormal tire wear or handling.and we drive a 70 mph speed limit here in Montana.i changed the tie rod ends to ea ones and had to cut the little bracket off the ej rack that held the lines to move the rubber piece that clamps the rack in place.you need to be able to slide it over a bit to make it fit.
  5. thanks guys.so would a machine shop know what to do if i tell them the specs?
  6. havent done the auto to 5 speed d/r but have done the 94 loyale to d/r 5speed swap and its a walk in the park!
  7. Torry33

    Width of PS rack?

    i converted my non power ea rack with a power ej rack and you have to mod it a little but mine works great!
  8. So I did an EJ swap and didnt have a XT6 preasure plate and used a stock EA one.it held pretty good for a while,even burning out with my new bad boy engine!but resently i have noticed it slipping in the heavy snow even with my dinky 13 inch snows on.i love this car and would hate to get rid of it cuz it does amazing most of the time.the other thing that bothers me is that it bottoms out the suspension alot too on bumpy roads.was thinking on doing a staight axle swap and changing the trans to a EJ unit to deal with the clutch.just dont know if its worth all the work or should i just part ways.car over all is in excelent shape with no rot or dents!Thoughts?thanks!
  9. thanks that is a good idea.i have my own welder so no problem!why didnt i think of that?probably cuz i was so pissed i couldnt think straight!
  10. So I was removing the rear trailing arm on my wifes 97 Legacy to replace the entire unit with a donor from my parts car and one of the three bolts that bolt the pivot bracket to the body tore the nut that is welded inside the unibody lose.i cut the head of the bolt off and fished out the other part from inside.any ideas on how to get a bolt in that location now?this car is being a pain due to rusted parts!
  11. does anyone know the specs for the rear wheel alinement.had a bad rear bearing on one side and a bent arm on the other.transfering complete assemlys from my parts car.would like to get it as close as possable to keep tire wear to a minimum.thanks!
  12. thanks for all the input guys!i just got a parts car with 147k.the body is shot but wil be using it for lots of parts.I found that one of the rear arms is bent and the other side has a bad wheel bearing.and yes General tires wear out fast!
  13. Put new tires on the 97 Legacy at the beginning of summer.the rears are already more than half worn out on the inside with cupping and scaloped edges.the fronts still look real nice.the car is AWD 5 speed.what could be causing this?tire brand is General Altimax.need to figure this out!tires are exspensive!
  14. Torry33

    front wheel bearings

    Colfax huh?i live in libby i need to change mine too!