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  1. What thickness did you use for the strut body’s? I’m about to build a similar set
  2. Took the opportunity to convert the transfercase to dual stick while it was apart. Now I can have 2wd low and a true neutral. It was pretty tedious cutting down the sticks and bending them to fit but it works amazingly and I’m very happy with it. I’ll probably drive it to work the next two day to put some miles on it before WCSS. Happy 4th everybody!
  3. Things are going good. Rebuilt the transfercase and drove it around the yard. I’ll probablt drive it to work Monday or Tuesday. I also built a winch mount for the hitch receiver and wired that in.
  4. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’ve decided to change everything. I’ve taken this car about as far as I can and still call it a “Subaru”. It’s a lot of fun but I have this unreasonable need for more. My uncle has this saying “If big is good bigger is better and too much horsepower is just right.” So I’ve decided to gut the entire drivetrain and suspension. Long travel independence suspension and a big block v8. Just to make it crazy and over the top extreme. It’ll be a while before I do this as I’m still collecting parts. That’s just the future plans for it.
  5. It’s been a frustrating week. Calmini (the company that made my broken gears) isn’t replying to my emails. So I ordered 6.4 gears from Low Range Offroad. They get hear today and they are the wrong gears. They sent me 4.16 which is what I have already. And of course they where closed for the day by the time I realized what happened. That means a whole weekend waisted. I could have had the transfercase all back together. And that probably means I’ll miss WCSS again.
  6. Lots of things going on. Most recent being I got my 33’s! Love these tires. Very aggressive I also sheared some teeth off of my transfercase gears so I’m currently dealing with that. Hopefully I’ll have it fixed by WCSS
  7. Did a little bit of work this weekend. Mounted the spare tire inside on the fuel cell. since it now weighs 75lbs I didnt want to be taking that down off the roof rack. I also got the passenger seat and harness installed. I also finally got all the pieces I need for a rear disk swap. Ill probably start that next weekend. I got a street sign from a buddy and decided to use it as my skid plate. I used 2 pieces so its 1/4 inch thick now. Hopefully itll hold up. im excited for the mud run this weekend. Even though its supposed to rain haha.
  8. Mounting it up side down doesn’t work in this case. It would turn the wheels the wrong way. The tubing bender works great. I couldnt be happier with it.
  9. A couple things happened recently. About mid February I went to a local mudrun out by my house. That was the most fun Ive ever had in 20 minutes! Unfortunately it was around that time I decided to go through the tank trap. In hind sight that was a bad idea. I stripped out the torsion bar splines and the suspension collapsed. I got stuck at the very end because it bottomed out. I knew it was pointless to replace them as it would eventually just happen again. So after about a month, these showed up at my door. They are 14 inch King 2.0s and i absolutely love them. Ive been working out a couple bugs with the car. The main one being I had a horrible vibration at 50mph. I had a new rear driveline made and it helped a little but not enough. So I decided to drop the transfercase a little bit. I reclocked it so the outputs where 2 inches lower and it completely fixed my vibration. Now it'll cruse at 65mph just as smooth as stock One thing that always bugged me where the tires. The Bighorns do great but they aren't the best in deep mud. Also i felt like they where on the small side for how much lift I have. So last Thursday I got some 33x9.5x15 Super Swamper SX2s. I absolutely love this tire! Ive heard lots of good things and cant wait to see how they do. I have to take about an inch out of the rear doors and extend the radus rods 2 more inches but it should work. I only have 1 for now as I wanted to make sure they would fit before I ordered a full set. And while I may act like it on the internet, Im not made of money Most recently Ive been working on covering the transfercase and getting a passenger seat mounted in. Hopefully it'll be ready to redeem itself at the next mudrun this month on the 28th. Hopefully with video evidence this time While I had the down time I added a phantom grip LSD to the front diff. I was skeptical at first but in preliminary tests in the back yard it seems to work as advertised. Ill have to really thrash on it to see what itll do.
  10. Rallyru

    Steering rack strength?

    I think his reasoning had something to do with the manual racks having bigger teeth on the pinion. Again I have no idea if this is true. I guess a better question would be, has anybody ever had a catastrophic failure with their P/S rack?
  11. I heard from a friend that the manual racks are stronger then the P/S racks. Does anybody know if this is true? I’d be swapping an ea82 power rack into my ea81. With my big lift and big tires manual steering is something I’d like to get rid of.
  12. Rallyru

    Lifted Subaru Roll Call 2018

    Post up a couple pics and specs on your ride! '80 GL Wagon 8 inch lift with SJR strut tops EJ25D 5 speed D/R Sammie transfercase 4.16 gears 30x9.5r15 Maxxis Bighorns Long travel rear shocks RCI 17 Gal fuel cell
  13. It drives now. Played around with the forklift again. 12.5 inches of travel in the rear.