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  1. Rallyru

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    The pajero snorkel fits the MY with a little heat. I have one on mine.
  2. Even though I’m trying to sell it, I still love this car. It might not look too bad as a hatch. Assuming I can get the windows right. Haha
  3. The more I think about it, the more I want to build another lifted Subaru. I thought about using my Subaru to build it but I’d hate to strip out everything I’ve worked so hard to build just to start again. It’s actually easier to just start with a fresh car. So the build plans are: -GL hatchback -40-44 inch tires -Currie Fabricated Ford 9inch front and rear -LS with 400-600hp -Built 4L80e -Atlas 4 speed transfercase I know it sounds crazy and most wont like it because “It’s not Subaru” but that’s kinda the point. I just want to build it to be bulletproof. It’s only money, right? If nobody buys my car and I get tired of looking for a hatch I’ll use my wagon. I’ve even been playing with the idea of shortening my wagon into a hatch but it would take a lot of metal work to make it look decent. Either way it will be a lot of work. With that being said, anybody in the PNW have a Hatch for sale? The closer to St. Helens, OR the better haha.
  4. So far I’ve only posted it on Facebook. I’m not trying very hard to sell it haha. Especially with the upcoming snowstorm the pnw is supposed to get next week https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/216671349178027/ Hopefully that link works haha
  5. Decided to list my Subaru for sale. It’s been fun but I need the money for my rx7 and upcoming bills. I’ll build another though.
  6. Rallyru

    Big tires destroying cv's? Custom HD axles?

    I run the Cardone axles with 0 issues. They turn my 33’s just fine.
  7. At the end of last year I went to the St Helens mud run and had a blast as usual but got myself into a little trouble haha flipped the Subaru playing around. Had it flopped back over in 10 min and spent the rest of the day wheeling it was a good day. Going back again on the 26th
  8. Wow, it’s been a while. I made it to WCSS. Had a great time. Here are some random photos.
  9. If you’re talking about the factory shock mount that’s a bad idea. It’s not designed to be load bearing, Subaru themselves say not to use air shocks for that very reason. The mounting brackets may sit the same but the lower links hang down really far compared to ea81 suspension.
  10. The 1st gen EJ’s that you praise use the same hollow stub shafts, axle cups and diffs as ea82’s. No matter what setup you use it’s going to require you to cut up the unibody to mount coilovers in an ea81. What you gain in diff snout clearance you loose again by adding lower control arms that now hang down much lower at full suspension drop. Better brakes and wheel bearings are nice though.
  11. Realistically the ea81 rear suspension is fine. Before I went to coilovers I had 14 inches of travel with only modified axles and an 8 inch lift. Use ea82 axle cups for more travel. I have 33’s and rarely break anything unless I’m being stupid
  12. What thickness did you use for the strut body’s? I’m about to build a similar set