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  1. My 4" lifted brat is currently sporting 235/75R15 size tires. The bottom of my front fenders are trimmed to a sharp point, (the bottom of which meet the leading edge of my front doors.) Wheel liners are off and in the garbage where they belong. I had to beat the unibody wheelwells back so far that it was necessary to unbolt and reposition my doors. Can be done, but youre gonna want the BIG hammer.
  2. Having done a couple EA rebuilds and build threads myself I have a soft spot for this thread. (Im no doubt some of the bad influence) Im staying tuned!
  3. backwoodsboy

    Frame Bent?

  4. backwoodsboy

    need input for my EA82

    WELCOME JAKE!!!! I run the E3 plugs in my BRAT. I have always considered the EA82 to be underpowered, but reliable when kept full of oil and coolant. FYI: Bluey is still running and going. Bucky (the low to the ground white wagon) is still going also. Both running with open timing belt covers (1/2 hour t-belt change on the side of the road) Bluey is going on year #4 with headgasket leaks and no thermostat or pressure valve in the radiator cap. Dawn dish liquid bottle for a coolant overflow jug. As far as performance, I can reliably get rubber in first, second, and third with Bucky. (260-something thousand miles) Don't hear a LOT about EA82 performance mods... but I can tell ya all the EA81 tricks.
  5. backwoodsboy

    Got Some Subaru NOS Fog Light covers!

    Hi Jake. Nice covers! *drool* I'm thinking Loyale era, but others will chime in soon and Ill see if I'm right. I didn't even know you had signed up on here... Free bump to the top!
  6. backwoodsboy

    School me on EA81 DUAL-CARB engines

    Im just outside of Oneonta (near Cooperstown/Natl baseball hall of fame) Im thinking Ill do a ported/polished out EA82 carby manifold
  7. backwoodsboy

    School me on EA81 DUAL-CARB engines

    Thanks for the reply. Im no stranger to EA81 performance builds. This will be no exception. Ive done 2 of em in the last 4 years with reground cams, port/polish jobs, upgraded carbs with bigger jets, and taller pistons. They can make really decent power if you want to spend the money and time. I actually have no intentions of using the dual-carb manifold believe it or not. The EA81 dual-carb engines make better power because the cylinder heads have a reverse valve setup than the standard EA81. They flow better = more power.
  8. School me on the DUAL CARB EA81. Ive done some searching, and have been gleaning bits and pieces here and there... but I havent found a definite source of information. This has gone from a passing curiosity for me to a reality. I scored a set of dual-carb heads with matching cam and rockers/pushrods. I have a solid lifter EA81 shortblock that Id like to slap the heads on once I change out to the dual carb cam. It all looks very do-able, and I would ASSUME all the clearances/torque specs etc are the same. Id rather save myself any unpleasant suprises though. Anybody done one of these before? Anybody have a book?
  9. What's up backwoodsboy! I saw your post here http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=124003 about the y-pipe/cat and I was wondering if you still have any left. I know the post was awhile ago, but figured I'd ask. I'd be able to drive up there and pick it up, no shipping involved! :)

  10. HI, DO you have another oil pump for the EA82?

    Can you plese help me find one?

    MY engine was rebuild, and he runs great , Ihave only the oil preasure problem.

    sometimes I'm hearing the "tick of death". and the oil preasure is low even when I drive

    (below 45PSI at 2500 RPM)

  11. Wow! i like it in color! Very nice job!
  12. backwoodsboy

    UK GLF owner on tour

    Welcome! ...And props on your car! Sadly, I can't recommend any junkyards for you as I'm in NY but I had to post because you have the UK twin to my car! Its even gold!
  13. Wasnt the BRAT originally advertised as an "all roads" vehicle?
  14. backwoodsboy

    Northeast Boneyard Day

    Harrys in Hazleton looks like they post their inventory on-line now. I dont even see Loyales in there let alone any Gen2 Depends on what youre digging for I spose. Jess and I may be interested. If we can get the old gang together I would be up for this for sure.