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  1. June, 9 update! "Welcome to the Subaru Ambassador Team!! Congratulations, Mark! It's official! You are now a Subaru Ambassador!" YAY!!!
  2. copy @grossgary and @ezapar, As Kurt Vonnegut famously said, "So it goes..." Probably all factors. Its a neat promotional methodology, to be sure. I still have exposure ideas I need to submit their way, and in time I'll get it done. Ciao and congrats to all of our awesome Ambassadors! Keep on keepin' on!
  3. ^ yeah ^ Here's the text, "Thank you for your interest in the Subaru Ambassador program and taking the time to submit an application. It is people like you that truly help make the Subaru brand everything it is. Due to an overwhelming response, we are unable to welcome you into the Subaru Ambassadorprogram at this time. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to share. Please know that we will keep your application on file in case additional openings become available in the future. Thank you again for your support of Subaru. Regards, Subaru Ambassador Program Headquarters" So it goes. . . .
  4. I finally got my rejection email, summarized as follows: Thanks for trying, fanboy, Lots of people wanna be cool but we can only let so many... Keep spreading the word though. Bye. I assume I'm not in a popular enough (as in i wouldn't have much reach or exposure compared with others) market or geography. Not enough bang for buck in SE Utah; what, with Subaru's homeland just next-door, so to speak.
  5. That's totally awesome! I applied to the program last tear too but never got a response. :,(
  6. A friend wonders how the Flösser bulbs will compare to Narva Roangepower +50 bulbs. It is clear the Flösser is far superior to a cheap and generic bulb (likely what came in the lamps). Thanks and keep up the great reviews, posting and sharing of information.
  7. so, what came out was a 24/24 and a 22/24 and you assembled new CVs and replaced them with 24/24 and equal thickness but still 22/24? I noticed the different lengths (typical outside the balanced SUbaru world So when you buy CV axles, you hae to assemble the and pack them with greese, every time, or do you elect for the "some assembly required" axles? So, you found a good/valid substitute and have it back together? that's great.
  8. OOh the difference is on the transission side?? THat's a different story. Do you think soeone got inside the transmission and swapped a part, or the Kia is just that asymetrical in its fron CVs?
  9. oi vey! hodge podge hub swap! grumblegrumble!!! good luck with the continued Kiastomization.
  10. buen suerte amigo!! Those other axles are so lame, the NAME is OE brand. that' lame You have to assemble axles fro the stres too? Could I get you some and ship them? I'm positive that will be MUCH cheaper than $1800 U$ for a pair.
  11. I need to mark this info somewhere, I've always wondered about your bright bulbs AND i need some bulbs for my KC fog lamps. Doesn't your Bumble Beast have HIDs too?
  12. good work JesZek!! Do you have a parts list you still want/need for the Kia? I remember you were having a hard time sourcing or finding parts that could be shippped there, but what's the latest on the difficult-to-source-locally parts for the Kiastien?
  13. ^ NICE!! wait, open diffs? Wut the hell?!! Get that thing locked up!! Cruisers have some sweet locking systems (not that i know the specifics)! My buddy's 96 (you've seen pix) has the awesome factory set-up. Anyhoo, I'm sure you know what you need/would like, and I'm sure a major part of it i$... ciao, gunna check out the video now!
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