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2.2 into Gen 1 Brat

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I'm new to the Subaru and have a Brat. I also have a 2.2 Legacy engine that I was going to put into a Vanagon (never happened).


I want to look into the feasability of putting the 2.2 into my Brat.


I've been told in another forum post, that it can and has been done. I can't seem to find any posts regarding this Transplant.


I've taken enough rough measurement to convince me that the 2.2 will fit but I recognized from the outset that the 2.2 won't work with the Brat 4 spd transmission. The differing starter location is the most obvious and I don't see any adaptor plate solution.


I would be inclined to swap out the tranny with a later model 5 spd 4WD and not being familiar with which models are suitable for this.......


I need comments or direction to the posts that address this type of Transplant.


I'm told (in another post) that it is a major undertaking.



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