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The Fastest WRX STI ever-Nurburging

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Subaru Europe today uploaded footage of an hitherto secret R&D project carried out at the Nürburgring's circuit on 16th April 2010. The project consisted of an attempt to beat the latest best lap time recorded in 2004 on the Nordschleife with a test version of the new 2011MY WRX STI 4-door (sedan), the model unveiled on April 1st at New York motor show as "The Fastest WRX STI Ever".


Four-time World Rally Champion and long-time Subaru supporter Tommi Mäkinen drove the test car. The project team triumphed as the new WRX STI test car posted a lap time of 7'55'00, an impressive 4 seconds quicker than the latest best lap time recorded in 2004, and the fastest time ever realized with a Subaru at the Nürburgring since the first developments tests started in 1992.


Major enhancements to the vehicle centered on improved overall dynamics - on chassis and suspension in particular. (see test car specifications)


FHI's active development of environmentally conscious technologies has not been at the expense of its customers' expectations. Subaru will keep on engineering cars that provide total driving control, sheer excitement and all-round safety at any speed, in all weather and on any road conditions through the unique combination of Boxer engines and all-wheel-drive systems.

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