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  1. bheinen74

    '83 Hatchback Driver Seat

    I put 02 WRX seats in my hatchback. Note that they do sit higher, so if you are taller than 6ft, might want to lower the rails somehow.
  2. Subiemech85 still owns the one pictured above, Mick's former ski wagon.
  3. bheinen74

    North Idaho GL

    Very nice engine build, and looks great, worth your effort.
  4. bheinen74

    Look what followed me home

    my Ex GF in Denver had one of these a 89 model, turbo, with all the same car was nice..... So keep it and drive the piss out of it.
  5. Yes, in a day i will be down to one BRAT..... and a junk brat which is now on craigs for 575.
  6. Sold one Subaru The other Subau received a test drive and another is coming to buy in the AM.... Bye bye Subaru people..
  7. bheinen74

    My '83 GL: The Ski Wagon

    I think keep that not part of cruise.
  8. bheinen74

    Look what followed me home

    that one should have lsd as I think all turbo's loyales had lsd
  9. bheinen74

    Weber carb for my 87 gl?

    You did not block the water port off good enough on the intake to carb adapter plate. It is dumping coolant into the intake, and some is dripping out the manifold exhasut gasket and the rest is going out your tailpipe. You will have to pull the carb and adpapter plate, resurface the adapter so it meets flatly and reseal the water inlet. fun. Then when you get that sealed right, you need to drain your oil, cause it too will have coolant mixed in it, and change the oil filter and put new oil in it.
  10. bheinen74

    My '83 GL: The Ski Wagon

    even the gl is nice.
  11. bheinen74

    My newest project begins.

    My "Boat" got here today.
  12. I tossed a bunch of Honda parts in the back of my BRAT the last few days......some are junky parts some are parts i have to re-use.
  13. bheinen74

    My '83 GL: The Ski Wagon

    That is the part that melted into my intake 110 miles into my trip back with the 85Gl hatchie..... it is part of the resonator air valve/reed suction valve, that "makes the catalyst cleaner". Remove it NOW before yours turns to melty gooo. Block off the inlet down low from the exhaust with a quarter, and block off the other portion to the air filter......
  14. bheinen74

    Free Parts Day!

    I think a part of the USMB server just sprung out the back of my computer screen.. Free...parts, looks like a nice free moving active part..... oooh, wait, that was a fly buzzing around. Glad the server is back up.
  15. bheinen74

    My newest project begins.

    live in a small town, the guy down the street has a frame machine. He looked the car over tonight, and is going to have it on his frame machine this coming Tuesday, said he would pull it for 100 cash. And, he has experience in Honda rebuilds, he does work at a junkyard professionally AND owns his own business going on 25 years of autobody stuff. He says he will help me with airbag stuff too.... I think this is coming along nicely and pretty fast so far. The radiator had some seeping on the top tank, and today i went to the local radiator repair person, and he re-crimped and checked the top tank. $21.40 repair. I have until Tuesday to get the front bumper and headlight out as requested for it to go on the frame machine... My huge parts order with Majestic Honda got notice today they canceled out the hood order part due to oversize..... So today i called a dealer 60 miles away, and they could do a new hood for 279, which is not as good as Majestics price, but the will deliver to me free.... I guess tomorrow the NEW Honda hood arrives, and the other stuff from Majestic early in the week. Might have the body work done by midweek next week, except rear bumper stuff. coming along nicely. I was never even thinking it would be a few weeks in repair cause i thought it might take all summer to get the parts and the timeslot for someone to pull the frame......cheers.