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  1. rdweninger

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    can you post pics of your coupe? Can't wait to 'hear' it run...
  2. original made it to 299,665 !!!! You're going to love new shocks. Make sure you get new tophats. I have heard of guys replacing the bearings in them ... but never done it. I bought new hats ... they were reasonable.
  3. rdweninger


    it may help to unhook the + battery, then check resistance in the wires (ohms) .... rather than looking for voltage drop.
  4. rdweninger

    Road Trip Repairs, Exhaust woes

    is the GL carbed or efi?
  5. rdweninger

    Diagnosis Help

    When you replace timing belts, always replace (or re-bearing) the tensioners and cogged idler. You will greatly prolong the life of your timing belts. Or... keep the old tensioners and replace your timing belts every 5-10,000 miles... maybe less. Either way ... don't need the plastic belt covers ... throw them away. Your next TB replacement will take 30 minutes. And inspecting the TB will only take a glance when the hood is open.
  6. rdweninger

    1987 GL Wagon Alternator

    this is what bad contacts look like.
  7. Firing Order is 1-3-2-4 Counterclockwise.
  8. After reading all this ... definitely buy aftermarket axles. Please ship your old leaky, clickity, OEM axles to me in Oregon. Good Grief ... reboot ... reboot ... reboot. Don't forget the grease!
  9. rdweninger

    Clutch Kit Question

    You need the 15008 for the 4wd EA82. Should be 225mm, 1" shaft diameter and 24 spline.
  10. I have one from an '86 wagon. Should be the same as 90-94 ... minus the brake lamp.
  11. rdweninger

    alternator / battery issue

    Another way is the disconnect the neg battery cable ... then touch neg cable to neg post and look for a little spark. Helps if it is dark out (ie., nighttime). Most multimeters have a very low milliamp limit ... so, yes, you can fry your meter.
  12. rdweninger

    What happened?

    Sounds like this may be the same guy (aka MyWifes84). He had to re-register. Then he can't stop himself from saying 'I got no use for this place'. If that is true ... then get OFF this place.
  13. is this an ea82 wagon?
  14. rdweninger

    Won't start after rebuild

    cat is probably partially blocked. Some guys clean em out with a wire. Or, there is liquid fuel in the cat from no-start condition. All my 80's Soobs are cat-deleted. Take car on highway, run at 4k rpm until fixed. Make sure oil and coolant is filled correctly.
  15. Retro Roo north of Denver. He knows the ea81. Been around forever.