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  1. Over in the Parts Forum. Not mine. Somebody go pick these up in Illinois.... '83 & '82 Sub Station Wagon project One parts car, eng ran 4wd trans ran , much rust Second Station Wagon, all rust welded up, ran, auto 4wd , works, needs finish Come and get them, for free, or I'll scrap them. for $$$
  2. Well... now it all makes sense!
  3. rdweninger

    87 gl 4x4 no spark

    if you have spark at the plugs and starting fluid, then it must be the firing order. Maybe when you replaced plug wires. Ensure that you have 1-3-2-4 counterclockwise... #1 on disty cap is closest to firewall.
  4. Good for you, owning up to the mistake. Several of us could have lost many nights of sleep for NOT knowing. Glad you got it fixed.
  5. rdweninger

    1986 Subaru Wagon

    Good idea on the Forester. PM me ... I may be interested in buying the POS EA rattletrap.
  6. rdweninger

    Junkyard Gem (autoblog)

    Oh my... has all 4 mud flaps. Somebody in CO needs to 'save' these parts.
  7. rdweninger

    1988 subaru GL parts for sale

    Dave T, do you need a body? Remember, I have the '85 automatic wagon. I can get pics if you are interested. Maybe take this to PM.
  8. rdweninger

    EA81 Heads

    Clunker, GD is in Portland, OR. His shop is Superior Soobie and Import. He does excellent work.
  9. Rockauto has a Fram G4167 that looks correct. Check for the same # at autoparts store.
  10. 3-4 lbs is perfect for carb'd ea81. Find the sight glass on the carb and see what level it is at. Pull the rear fuel filter and take it to parts store and get something similar (same fitting size).
  11. rdweninger

    Shifting in and out of 4wd

    Also, only shift into or out of 4wd on snow or mud roads. Do not do it on dry pavement. Use the clutch. Less than 45mph. 4 Low is for deep snow or trails... just slower than street traffic conditions.
  12. GLoyale has a shop in Corvallis, OR. Not sure how to get ahold of him. GD's shop is in Portland, OR. Superior Subaru & Imports.
  13. Mine turned out to be a speedo cable. My '85 Honda is doing it now.
  14. rdweninger

    Axles in loyale

    Wait a minute ... the concave side of washer goes toward the hub. The convex side goes to the axle nut.
  15. If you pull the radiator, it makes the job relatively easy. Timing belt, idlers, tensioners, cam seals and orings, waterpump and hoses. Might be $200 in parts. You can discard the timing belt covers ... just keep engine fluids off them. Makes for easy inspection and future timing belt replacement.