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  1. rdweninger

    Axles in loyale

    Wait a minute ... the concave side of washer goes toward the hub. The convex side goes to the axle nut.
  2. If you pull the radiator, it makes the job relatively easy. Timing belt, idlers, tensioners, cam seals and orings, waterpump and hoses. Might be $200 in parts. You can discard the timing belt covers ... just keep engine fluids off them. Makes for easy inspection and future timing belt replacement.
  3. not much to break on a gauge. I like the 5' 6" hose. Thank you for the info.
  4. Nice gauge. What brand and is it a kit? Where you get one?
  5. DaveT - I am also want to install an aftermarket oil gauge... Have you installed one using this port? If so, where would one buy the British pipe thread adapter? Size? Thank you for the heads up.
  6. get a Baja. It's basically a 4-door Brat. Has cargo door so the dog can move freely between back seat area and the truck bed.
  7. rdweninger

    '86'Soob won't start

    Starter ground to bell housing? Maybe forgot to slide bolt thru the ground cable when finished with clutch job?
  8. rdweninger


    ATF for automotive interior restoration... ha! That's exactly the motivation I needed to write my new book... "101 Uses for ATF" written by I.B. Oil
  9. rdweninger

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    can you post pics of your coupe? Can't wait to 'hear' it run...
  10. original made it to 299,665 !!!! You're going to love new shocks. Make sure you get new tophats. I have heard of guys replacing the bearings in them ... but never done it. I bought new hats ... they were reasonable.
  11. rdweninger


    it may help to unhook the + battery, then check resistance in the wires (ohms) .... rather than looking for voltage drop.
  12. rdweninger

    Road Trip Repairs, Exhaust woes

    is the GL carbed or efi?
  13. rdweninger

    Diagnosis Help

    When you replace timing belts, always replace (or re-bearing) the tensioners and cogged idler. You will greatly prolong the life of your timing belts. Or... keep the old tensioners and replace your timing belts every 5-10,000 miles... maybe less. Either way ... don't need the plastic belt covers ... throw them away. Your next TB replacement will take 30 minutes. And inspecting the TB will only take a glance when the hood is open.
  14. rdweninger

    1987 GL Wagon Alternator

    this is what bad contacts look like.
  15. Firing Order is 1-3-2-4 Counterclockwise.