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  1. Thanks for all your wonderful help with my 87 ea82 guys. But I have just sold her no less than an hour ago sad to see her go but I needed something safer and more reliable. So I recently acquired this bad boy. she's a 2005 2.5rs and it's called the gravel wagon. Full skiplate and diff protector, K sport gravel spec coilovers, light bar, lightened pulleys, strut braces, swaybars, fender braces, roof scoop, 04 wrx hood scoop, bumpin system, apexi exhaust. I love love love it!!! currently it's lowered 1" and stiff for track use but in the winter I will be putting my hankook studded ice pikes on and raising the car 2" above stock.
  2. I was just in your neck of woods with my Miata last month. I was visiting my nephew in Billings. Got to see his WRX, which just got backed into by a pickup with a tow hook. He's bummed, but its not as bad as it could have been. Just a dent in the lift gate.


    Then I got caught in a speed trap after I left there. But the cop was as cool as he could be, by not charging me the $300 bond, and letting me fax him proof of insurance which wasn't in my car for some reason.


    Anyway, cool area. Nephew just graduated from Rocky Mountain College where he went on (partial) golf and skiing scholarships. So he's working at a gold course out there and was calling play by play for the local minor league baseball team.

  3. Moosen

    lowering springs?

    Yes where is a link to these?
  4. Moosen

    Weber Fuel Economy Question

    I am constantly driving my weberized ea82 at 6000-9000ft elevation and I get 20-24 mpg. I just live with it. I have tuned that thing so many times and can't figure it out. 20 degrees advanced on disty, and i am running a 135 and 140 main jets and 190 and 200 air jets. I diesel a little bit when i turn the car off sometimes. but other than that she runs fine. would be nice to get better fuel economy though. I have the disty advance hooked up to the port on the right front of the weber? under the choke linkage. is that correct?
  5. Moosen

    Lifted Imp: The Swag Wag

    Really liked the second look!
  6. They're opening up a couple really nice official offroad areas around Billings. Hit me up if you're in town, let's go get stuck!

  7. What the what? What kinda car is that?
  8. is it possible to remove the ball joint fromt he control arm without a pickle fork. I removed it fromt he knuckle already easily, but i have just been banging up on the castle nut to try and get it to pop out of the control arm? is that possible?
  9. Moosen

    My '92 Loyale: Safariwagon

    That is sooooo sick!
  10. Are you saying I should advance my disty even more to rid the bog? I am already running around 12 or 13 degrees. I am just tired of this tuning! Urgh.....
  11. So i finally have been adjusting my choke. I closed it up and it starts actually now. and on a dime. But was restricting when driving. So i opened it more and it started and drove pretty well, some chugs every once in awhile. So i just drove home (7min drive) and checked the choke plates when i got home and they werent all the way open. engine temp said warm. So shouldn't they be vertical and all the way open? So I opened the choke till the were vertical, but then I get a problem where when WOT from Idle the car bogs, and or dies? So what do I do about this?