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  1. Hi there Just got you PM and responded to it too. Ive been crazy busy but am always willing to help in some way. Check your private messages. Ill PM you my email too. been so busy its been weeks between logging into the forum. See ya ~Kenny
  2. Idasho

    '85 GL Newbie here

    Red light just means you are exceeding the speed limit. Remember, it was built when there was a 55mph national speed limit Mine does it too, though i tore my digidash apart and blacked that section of the screen off so no more red.
  3. Im sure lots of people do it that way. But I refuse to be under a rig that long, pushing an pulling on things, with just a pair of jackstands keeping you alive. I do it this way...
  4. its a common swap, and a good swap. I love my D/R 5-speed with my EA81
  5. Idasho

    The Blu Bomb

    The weber can afford more timing. Add some timing, until the dieseling stops!
  6. Idasho

    electronic trip meter

    should be a button for it. My 84 GL with the digidash has a button. Although I like running in KPH Seems like Im going faster!
  7. Idasho

    Complete 4WD Axles

    Empis are much beefier, and are 100% new. Nothing is reman. I woudnt use anything else. And dont. Only suggestion is to paint the axle shafts before installing. They are raw oiled steel. I made the mistake of not painting mine and they rusted up fast.
  8. Idasho

    !RESCUED! 1980 Subaru Brat

    NICE SAVE! Mine had been stored for 14 years as well, but in an old guys garage. That brat looks remarkably rust free for being stored outside.
  9. Just put some hot pads on it. Be prepared for noise and very good brakes
  10. Idasho

    The Blu Bomb

    FYI, by HC build still has considerable lifter/rocker noise. I think decking the heads tossed the valve train geometry a bit. Though after 5k+ miles, it all seems fine. Just a bit noisier than Id like, and makes the most noise when up to operating temp at idle. I have resorted to 15-40 in the summer, and 10-40 in the winter. Rotella synthetic for both. Once I finally admit to myself that the valvetrain noise is normal, Ill simply run the thinner stuff year round. And yes, the torque is fantastic. I routinely cruise around town in 4th gear at 25-30 mph ( I have a DR 5-speed). Love the low RPM boxer rumble! Mine also seems to run a touch warm, but have yet to have any troubles. 205 is about normal in town, it drops all the way to the t-stat (195) on the highway.
  11. Idasho

    Subaru Brat 4" lift ac help!

    You need to fab lift blocks for the ac compressor, and run a longer belt. The AC compressor needs to remain as close to the same location as it was before the lift. My rig is sitting on 2.5" of lift. You can see the blocks and hardware here...
  12. Idasho

    The Blu Bomb

    Nice build! Glad to see you finally getting around to building a real motor!
  13. The forum search is worthless. I use google to search the forum. This is what you need. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/87305-easy-transmission-front-seal-replacement/
  14. IIRC, the fuel pump uses the same wire off of the coil that the tach does. Yellow wire.