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XT6 Dyno Results Intake and ProECM Powerchip

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Stock intake with the snorkus cut and aluminum ducting going out to

the foglight (with brand new STP filter put in before dyno). Stock

intake 2.75" inner diameter.




JC Sports intake for Impreza 2.5RS (3" diameter). Brand new K&N air

filter installed the night before and used first on the dyno.


Used 93 octane on the runs.




Fullrun 1st-3rd gear.





1st gear close up:





2nd gear close up:





3rd gear close up:


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ProECM Powerchip was removed since my last dyno run. So here's a 3rd gear comparison of my ProECM installed from 2 weeks ago vs my best 3rd gear pull today (both with the JCSports intake installed). Also note: Today's JC Sport intake had a brand new K&N filter while two weeks ago had a used filter intalled.





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Looked good for a couple of HP. What was happening in 3rd gear close up, all the bobbaling, is it the computer?

Man I wish i could dyno my car, one of these days, one of these days

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